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SeaPigs Herd

Some of the key members of our herd are profiled below:

The SeaPigs Herd at Newcastle University

The SeaPigs Herd at Newcastle University


I believe that brands must have something to say, just as much as they have something to sell.

Daniel Charlton - Herd of communications

Oink oink, This interview was filmed at Newcastle University by the careers team. This is with Mick Armstrong: Head of the Herd and this interview is more focused on the serious side to SeaPigs. Why research is key to SeaPigs and the aim to make products that people love.

Mick Armstrong | Head of THE herd

The driving force who has his head in the clouds whilst keeping his rather large trotters on the ground, all with a cheeky sense of humour. Mick has an interest in Prosocial Branding, Social Psychology and our amazing Blue Planet. He has a natural creative flare and an infectious enthusiasm for business and innovation. Mick is an ex-pro rugby player who has a positive fun outlook on life and has been involved in start-ups for 20 years. He has successfully ran exclusive London cocktail bars, a global property brand and a local charity, among other things.


Why Amanda joined the SeaPigs Herd


Amanda Mitten | HERD of operations

The lawyer who specialises in intellectual property but has a yoga mum approach to brand and ethics. Amanda has a passion for health and wellbeing and a desire to be part of a community which strives to improve the world we live in. Amanda balances family life with her work commitments. Amanda is a considered listener and has a fascination for human psychology, honed during her training as a psychotherapist.


Why Rachel Joined the SeaPigs Herd


Rachel Williams | Herd of Content

Rachel is undertaking a postgraduate degree in International Marketing and has experience in running a content strategy for a service brand. Rachel undertook her undergraduate degree in English language and linguistics. Rachel is passionate about protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and is fully behind the SeaPigs ‘Pinky Promises’.


The environmentally friendly message of SeaPigs persuaded Daniel to get involved.


Daniel Charlton | Herd of Communication

Daniel is an English student with a passion for PR, story telling and customer service. The environmentally friendly message of SeaPigs persuaded Daniel to get involved, and he enjoys being able to creatively contribute to a project that gives as much back as it takes away. Daniel has a natural talent for creative writing and he has been instrumental in working out the SeaPigs voice.