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“A company with a conscience”

Lisa Williams

SeaPigs  buy flip flops

Finding a fairer way to do business

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“I wanted to make a brand that was successful, but also sustainable, and offer what people want - so that’s the balance I am always talking about.”

Mick - Head of the Herd at SeaPigs


Co-created Beach & lifestyle products

Loving you & our planet

SeaPigs is a company with a conscience that make ‘the best’ co-created beach & lifestyle products - that are designed to love you and our planet. 

SeaPigs Drifters (coming later in 2019)

The SeaPigs Drifters have been ‘Styled With You’, designed to ensure a healthy foot and are naturally soft, durable and comfortable.


SeaPigs Drifters - designed to love your feet and our planet.

SeaPigs Bottles (Coming soon)

A stylish & bright companion to keep you fresh, alert & hydrated while showing you care for Mother Earth.

Coming soon…..

Coming soon…..


Our Beach & lifestyle products

Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Our Beach & lifestyle products are sustainable by design

We Make It - We Take It Back

Our relationship with our customers and products does not end upon a sale: Our products are ‘Made to be Remade’, rather than being sent to landfill or clogging up our oceans.


Make Yourself Herd

SeaPigs are all about keeping you, the customer involved in the design process, in order to create something you’re truly invested in and works for you. You should have just as much of a say in functionality, style and design as we do.

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