We Listen - what you want

Research so far

We Listen to our herd

We Listen to our herd

This is what we have learned from YOU so far.

Stage 1

1. Market Research

We need to balance the needs of the::

  1. The People (YOU)

  2. The Organisations (SeaPigs)

  3. The Planet (Love Our Tiny Blue Dot)

Stage 2

2. White Paper

People do care about sustainability and our planet, but they will not compromise on product style, convenience or quality.

Stage 3

3. 100 Informal interviews

A large amount of people think sustainability is recycling, however the more well informed audience recognise its not just about recycling and are interested to help, as long as it is easy.

Stage 4

4. Focus Group 1: Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Our Pinky Promises were tested, adapted and formed from the outcome of this gathering and a realisation that people do not buy products just because they are sustainable.

Stage 5

5. Qualitative Research: Flip Flop Purchasing Decisions - 11 interviews

This research highlighted our 2 main competitors; Havaiana’s & Birkenstock and why people love beach footwear.

Online Survey: Flip Flop purchasing decisions – 357 responses

Style was the most important buying decision and people value comfort highly.

When asked what they do with flip-flops once they have expired, 46% said that they dispose of them in a household bin, 30% still have them, 9% gave them to charity and only 7% recycled them.

Stage 6

6. Qualitative Research: Do they like the SeaPigs Brand and messages – 11 interviews.

It was clear that people loved the name SEAPIGS and they especially loved the SeaPigs Guarantee, even the environmental sceptics. With your advice we decided to make unisex beach footwear.

7. Qualitative Research - cocreated flip flop.- 10 interviews

We found out that we will pay more money for comfortable beach footwear and STYLE is the most important buying factor.

Stage 7

Stage 8

8. Online survey - branding - 256 responses

The SeaPigs branding was chosen by the SeaPigs Herd, via qualitative & quantitative research, alongside social media engagement.

Stage 9

9. Focus Group 2 - Brand and Product

The SeaPigs Guarantee was refined further, along with lots of helpful adaptions. A big thank you to Newcastle University and the Start Up Team.

Stage 10

10. Structured Interviews - cocreated flip flop - 11 one hour interviews.

Product stitching was discussed and well received and the artists impression drawing was widely liked.

11. Focus group 3: Subscriber rewards and pricing

Subscriber rewards were adapted and refined and unisex decision confirmed.

Stage 11

Stage 12

12 online survey - cocreated flip flop - 111 responses

Stitching the sole was positively received, without the herd knowing the environmental benefits of stitching and not using glue.

13. Website and conent testing - structured interviews

More to follow, we pinky promise

Stage 13