There Is No Planet B

Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Love Our Tiny Blue Dot  #LOTBD

Love Our Tiny Blue Dot #LOTBD


The impact of plastic pollution on the planet has seen a recent rise to prominence in the mainstream media, due to the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced globally each year. It is estimated that only 10% of this will be recycled and 8 million tons of it will end up in the world’s oceans (Wassener, 2011).

Love our oceans

Love our oceans

The more we have investigated the global plastic problem, we have uncovered many other issues that we have to address, check out our blogs ’Cotton is killing our planet’ or ’drowning in plastic’.

At SeaPigs we want to harness the power of the people (YOU) to drive change and act now. Planet Earth is ‘Our Planet’ and we all need to work together to look after it.

SeaPigs Love Our Oceans

SeaPigs Love Our Oceans

“We are the first generation to know that we are destroying the world. And probably the last generation to be able to do anything about it.”
— WWF 2018

Leaving Positive Footprints

SeaPigs ultimate aim