SeaPigs Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Our mission is to find a fairer way to do business

Mick and Amanda SeaPigs

“SeaPigs are going to find a fairer way to do business that balances the needs of the people, the planet and the organisation.”

Mick Armstrong - Head of the Herd

“To make a truly sustainable product, our customers must love our products, our products must love our customers and we all must love Mother Earth. 

Amanda Mitten - Herd of Operations

SeaPigs - Finding a fairer way to do business

Co-creation - YOU SPEAK WE LISTEN.

When we say co-creation we mean that we listen to YOU and your needs, while also considering the needs of the planet. On top of that we also use various experts to guide the product; foot specialists, physiotherapists, product engineers, environmental specialists, sustainability experts, designers, engineers and we listen to their advice. We take all this information and make the best product we can using a myriad of advice.

Balance is the key to success.

We know that our customers must love our products, and our products must love our planet. These are the two key components required for us to make a profit and to be able to balance the needs of everyone and everything.

Leaving Positive Footprints

We have always believed in the circular economy and being carbon neutral - essentially, putting back in everything we take out, while reducing our carbon footprint - and we have found a way to do this that celebrates the beauty of nature inspiring our products in the first place.

SeaPigs - leaving positive footprints on our planet

SeaPigsfinding a fairer way to do business.

SeaPigs - Finding a fairer way to do business

The tail of Pig Island

"A family of pigs were shipwrecked on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. The clever pigs learned to mould and adapt to their environment. The fun and clever SeaPigs swim in the ocean and live on the beach, and it’s now become known as Pig Island.


Pig Island

The Bahamas


Our brand is inspired by the tale of Pig Island, whereby a group of pigs escaped a shipwreck in the Bahamas by swimming to the shore of a tiny, uninhabited island that they adapted to, and remain on to this day. We see this tale as a beautiful example of nature and a story that embodies our light-hearted take on the more serious issue of humanity’s effect on Our Planet.

SeaPigs Pink Snout logo

Our 10 Pinky Promises

Look Good - Feel Good - Be Good

The SeaPigs 10 Pinky Promises are our pledge to you and our planet, that were chosen by ‘the herd’. You wanted the culture of SeaPigs to be fair, kind and transparent - thats exactly what we have done.

Oink oink, Our 10 pinky Promises to The Herd, its the way we work. Check them out on our website SeaPigs Pinky Promises Love Our Tiny Blue Dot
Love our tiny blue dot LOTBD

Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Limit the use of non-renewable resources in everything we make, focusing on the 3 R’s of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Guilt free consumerism

Guilt-free consumerism

You can buy our products without feeling guilty about any damaging effects it may have on the environment - because there aren’t any.

Carbon Neutral SEAPIGS

Carbon neutral

We will offset our carbon footprint.


The SeaPigs Herd

Customer research, awareness and engagement- connecting with the SeaPigs herd meaningfully.



We aim to be as clear with our customers as the water of the oceans we love so much.



Another simple one. We always want to be fair and balanced.

Sharing Resources

Sharing resources

We want to create a community with everyone on this voyage.



Unless we make a profit, we can’t help. It’s that simple.



SeaPigs encourages fun, innovation and autonomy within the passionate SeaPigs Herd.

BRAND Responsibility


Taking care of our products once their usefulness is exceeded, to ensure we Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Upon request, customers can be sent our White Paper

This is essentially a manifesto of all of our values and information on the direction of the company as we aspire to progress and expand. From the offset we have identified as a Prosocial Brand - a concept which basically means that we promote positive behaviour towards humanity, society, the world, customers and shareholders while also making a profit too.

Look Good  Looking good is important, that's why our products are styled with you, for you.

SeaPigs Herd

Some of the key members of our herd are profiled below:

The SeaPigs Herd at Newcastle University

The SeaPigs Herd at Newcastle University


I believe that brands must have something to say, just as much as they have something to sell.

Daniel Charlton - Herd of communications

Oink oink, This interview was filmed at Newcastle University by the careers team. This is with Mick Armstrong: Head of the Herd and this interview is more focused on the serious side to SeaPigs. Why research is key to SeaPigs and the aim to make products that people love.

Mick Armstrong | Head of THE herd

The driving force who has his head in the clouds whilst keeping his rather large trotters on the ground, all with a cheeky sense of humour. Mick has an interest in Prosocial Branding, Social Psychology and our amazing Blue Planet. He has a natural creative flare and an infectious enthusiasm for business and innovation. Mick is an ex-pro rugby player who has a positive fun outlook on life and has been involved in start-ups for 20 years. He has successfully ran exclusive London cocktail bars, a global property brand and a local charity, among other things.


Why Amanda joined the SeaPigs Herd


Amanda Mitten | HERD of operations

The lawyer who specialises in intellectual property but has a yoga mum approach to brand and ethics. Amanda has a passion for health and wellbeing and a desire to be part of a community which strives to improve the world we live in. Amanda balances family life with her work commitments. Amanda is a considered listener and has a fascination for human psychology, honed during her training as a psychotherapist.


Why Rachel Joined the SeaPigs Herd


Rachel Williams | Herd of Content

Rachel is undertaking a postgraduate degree in International Marketing and has experience in running a content strategy for a service brand. Rachel undertook her undergraduate degree in English language and linguistics. Rachel is passionate about protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and is fully behind the SeaPigs ‘Pinky Promises’.


The environmentally friendly message of SeaPigs persuaded Daniel to get involved.


Daniel Charlton | Herd of Communication

Daniel is an English student with a passion for PR, story telling and customer service. The environmentally friendly message of SeaPigs persuaded Daniel to get involved, and he enjoys being able to creatively contribute to a project that gives as much back as it takes away. Daniel has a natural talent for creative writing and he has been instrumental in working out the SeaPigs voice.

Feel Good Our products are lovingly engineered to improve your health & well-being, keeping you feeling energised.


We do not profess to being experts in everything, but if we don’t know it, we find experts who do.


Shenton Creative

Shenton creative offer BIG agency experience with a creative hands-on approach to developing content and a spark of genius in branding. Thoinks Dave.


Newcastle University (NU)

NU is a world-leading university that is advancing knowledge, providing creative solutions, and helping society tackle the many challenges it faces. It also offers amazing START-UP advice and guidance.

SeaPigs have been working with the Newcastle University Start-up team for nearly two years and their guidance and support has been amazing. A big thoinks to the team, with a special Oink oink to Jackie and Steve. .

Evolution Tech Services (ETS)

ETS based in Billingham have 20 years experience in 3D engineering design, product development, 3D printing and product prototyping. Exactly what we needed at SeaPigs, Thoink you Steve.


The amazing artist Emma Garrod or Eye illustrate is creating original designs for our limited edition SeaPigs Drifters. You have chosen 10 beaches from around the world, from images the herd have posted onto our Facebook page. We will be asking the herd to choose their favourite designs, we will let you know more, when we do, we pinky promise.

Be Good  We are ethical and eco-friendly, with no compromise.

SeaPigs Guarantee

If We Make It , We Take It Back


Our aim is to leave only positive footprints. if we make it we take it back.


SeaPigs guarantee to recycle your old SeaPigs products free of charge and give you £10 off your next purchase.

If We Make It, We Take It Back

If We Make It, We Take It Back

We will disassemble our finished with products ourselves and provide you with a simple means to return used products back to us, and ensure they are properly re-used.

You can help us achieve our mission to reduce plastic production and take responsibility for our products after use.


If we make it, we take it back.

SeaPigs Guarantee