SeaPigs Launch Party 24th Feb 2019


SeaPigs is having its official Launch Party! We have all kinds of activities in store to give you a memorable evening that launches our brand in the most authentic way we know how. This has been a long time in the making, and we are so proud to making our first hoof forward into the world in Newcastle, a city city that has been integral to the furthering of SeaPigs - our partnership with Newcastle University, our headquarters / base of operations, and the inspiration of the nearby Tynemouth.

At last, after all of the build up, the time has finally come to get the ball rolling with our Kickstarter campaign, and we want to provide you - the Herd - with an opportunity to come and get to know us live and in person! Ask away - anything you may want to know about our product as that’s what we’re there for: you.

We will be equipped to answer any query you throw our way as the guest list is absolutely extensive and involves everyone present from every aspect of the SeaPigs operation: Mick & Amanda, the founders Steve, product engineer Kieron, managing director of our UK manufacturers Emma Garrod, the artist designing our Drifters Antonia, co-designer with Create Flip Flops Rachel & Daniel, Heads of Content & Communications Mike Geritz, physiotherapist and co-designer.

We have all kinds of activities on offer - an Instagram photo section, piggy face paints so you can bring your little piglets along, an Augmented Reality station to get a fully realised look at our product, and two walkthrough sections dedicated to the evolution of our prototypes from conception up to date, and our varied Limited Edition range. All of this is not to mention that by taking and posting a picture at the Instagram station, you will be entered into a prize draw (taking place at 18:45 before the end!) to win a three night stay in a 5-bedroom luxury coastal property in Seahouses on the Northumberland coast with a hot tub and games room. It’s an amazing prize to win which reflects the environment SeaPigs is inspired by.

There will be drinks available upon arrival - prosecco & beer for the pigs and orange juice & water for the piglets - and every hour we will be showing our fabulous Kickstarter campaign video we hope will only entice you more to support our product when we go live on Wednesday 27th February. If you’re already subscribed to our mailing list, you should have received our initial version of this video, and if you have any strong opinions for the Herd, your influence could very well make it into the final cut!

The Launch Party will be a few days ahead of this on Sunday 24th February, and will last from 16:00-19:00. The timing is hardly rigid - feel totally free to come and go whenever you like depending on your own schedule, though take note that our main address will be taking place at 17:30 and you won’t want to miss that! We’ll be telling you all about where SeaPigs is going to be going once it is birthed into the world! We’ll reaffirm our values and discuss everything in the fullest detail - as transparent as the ocean waves. It will be at the Cycle Hub at the Quayside of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, a venue which provides free and easy parking. To get an idea of numbers we’re expecting, we would like it if you could RSVP via our Facebook page by Friday 22nd February, but if you don’t, then don’t be put off as the more the merrier afterall.

We would love it if you could join us to celebrate the start of an amazing journey. We’ve worked so hard on the company and on this event and look forward to its success.

Hope to see you there!


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