"SeaPigs is a company with a conscience that make ‘the best’ co-created beach & lifestyle products - that are styled with you, by you.

Amanda - Herd of operations at SeaPigs interviews Mick.

Amanda has taken the hundreds of questions from the herd and asked them to Mick.

The highlights of the interview are below:-

Look Good

Looking good is important, that's why our products are styled with you, for you.

Feel Good

Our products are lovingly engineered to improve your health & well-being, keeping you feeling energised.

Be Good

We are ethical and eco-friendly, with no compromise.

We all expect more engaging experiences with brands, plus, we expect them to build relationships with us, listen to us, and engage with us. We want you to be part of the innovative design process, allowing you to style & shape the brand’s products. Most brands are only driven by profit, and they are selling products that they can make cheaply and then they try to convince us to buy them, without any consideration for our wellbeing, or our planet.

Most sustainable products are inferior and not fit for purpose. We feel guilty and frustrated, but we have no choice - we have to buy unsustainable products, as there is no sustainable and ethical alternative.

Why are brands allowed to make huge profits - while they are killing Mother Earth?

Like you, we are frustrated at the extent of plastic pollution and global warming, proving that business is no longer fair, transparent or honest. SeaPigs passion is to create ultimate products, while sustainability is running through the fabric of the brand.


Through co-creation, research, working with a myriad of experts, compassion, empathy and a passion to prove there is a fairer way to do business. The first thing our customers (the herd) choose - via co-creation, was our guiding principles, or as we like to call them; our 10 Pinky Promises

Join 'the herd' and together we will find a fairer way to do business, with a vision to create ‘guilt-free consumerism’

Products you have styled and shaped

Products you love

Products that love you

Products that love our planet

Guilt-free consumerism

We all feel frustrated by being part of the problem, while being helpless to do anything about it and we certainly do not feel listened to or herd. At SeaPigs you will become part of the solution, be listened to and allowed to shape & style our products.

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