SeaPigs Drifters: Limited Editions

10 Beautiful Beaches of the world - Kickstarter range

sploshing about at tynemouth

Inspiration from The Herd



Inspired by You

The SeaPigs Drifters limited editions are produced in ranges and will be limited by design and number produced.



Inspiration from The Herd - Donna SeaBurn Photo

Original designs from Emma Garrod (eye-illustrate)

Limited to 500 pairs

Certificate of Authenticity

SeaPigs Drifters Technology


Limited Edition’s

10 Beautiful Beaches of the World

Chosen by You

The artist creates 3 original pieces of artwork for each beach and then we will ask you to decide. This survey is currently live.

Original Design 1

Tynemouth beach kid playing

Original Design 2

Original Artwork - Limited to 500 pairs

Original Artwork - Limited to 500 pairs

Original Design 3

kid at Tynemouth beach

Created by us

SPLOSHING ABOUT at Tynemouth - no flip flops

“Sploshing About” at Tynemouth

Inspired by Donna Seaburn, Chosen by you and created by us


Designed to love your feet and our planet

Serious About Feet