SeaPigs bottles

Quayside - Newcastle

Quayside - Newcastle

Justin - Sports and media specialist

I previously favoured plastic bottles with a standard pull top, but whilst cost-effective they always leaked. I also found they degraded quickly and failed to keep liquid feeling tap-fresh.

I previously held no emotional connection to a water bottle. Maybe I’ve found that connection with the SeaPigs bottle!? I love seeing the bottle sat on my desk and it’s enjoyable to drink from. The net impact is I drink more water.

For me, the stand-out benefit is ease of use; it feels clean and ergonomic to drink from. Not what I expected when drinking from metal! Critically, it also combated my frustrations: no leakage and liquid came out cool through a day’s use. From the first sip, and continually thereafter.

I’ve now found a better water bottle companion that has definitely encouraged more water consumption.

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Lake Lucerne - Switzerland

Lake Lucerne - Switzerland

Harriett - Researcher in financial services

When I travel, whether it be my commute, a train trip up North or to the West Country, or jet-setting abroad - I always take my SeaPigs bottle with me. it keeps my water or wine cold, and I can easily refill it - now refill points are more readily available . I used to buy plastic bottles that used to get crushed in my bag, get hot and add to the ever increasing waste problem. 

Last night my mum filled a SeaPigs bottle with boiling water from the bar,  and amazingly it was almost boiling hot at 7am. Today my Mum enjoyed her beloved morning tea, even though we have no kettle. Perfect. 

My SeaPigs bottle is different from other reusable bottles, it looks fun, its a great design, good temperature control, its durable and easy to clean.

I loved my SeaPigs water companion from the first time we met and now I use him every single day.

I did not realise I had a problem until I got my SeaPigs bottle. I would miss him now, if I didn’t have my water companion!

Off to the Lido on Lake Lucerne today..will it be water or wine? 😚

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