SeaPigs bottles - coming soon.

Loving you & loving the planet now & later.

SeaPigs is carbon neutral and creates zero waste


SeaPigs bottles are all about keeping you, the customer involved in the design process, in order to create something you’re truly invested in and works for you. You should have just as much of a say in functionality, style and design as we do. For example, when you said you wanted to expand the storage time of hot & cold fluids, we listened and provided you with SeaPigs bottles double-wall vacuum technology.


We understand the negative impact humanity are causing with single-use plastics and growing concern of global warming. Every bottle we sell, we plant a tree, turning SeaPigs into a carbon neutral brand and our innovative SeaPigs Guarantee: ‘We Make It - We Take It Back’ also ensures zero waste from us.


Our products are all about enriching your lives besides the planet. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for our health, and the easiest to implement, and yet still so many of us do not. We aim to correct that with our water bottles, and we love you even more by making it the most cost saving it could possibly be for you, as the bottles can be used over and over and over again.