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Happy New Year!

2019 is the Year of the Pig

No, we haven’t gone mad. But no, it’s not belated either. We know quite well it’s February. But Chinese New Year is upon us, and our Eastern cousins are happy to be celebrating the dawn of - you guessed it - the Year of the Pig. Everything about this celebration could not be more emblematic of the SeaPigs brand if it tried. It’s a brand new calendar year just in time for SeaPigs’ big launch in a couple of weeks, and the correlation between that start of our next phase as a brand falling so close to the start of the Year of the Pig is not lost on us - you’d think it was planned rather than predestined! In Chinese culture, the pig represents good fortune and wealth. We think that this can only be a perfect omen that fortune favours SeaPigs in the year ahead. To all of our followers who celebrate it - Happy Chinese New Year. And once again, SeaPigs launches on Kickstarter at 9am on Wednesday 27th February.

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