Wilf's Story - Herd of IT


Hi, my name is Wilf and I’m a Computer Science student at Newcastle University. In the past, I’ve worked with The KeyProject in South Tyneside to help reduce homelessness among young people and this was the start of my involvement with initiatives that are concerned with giving back - no wonder a company like SeaPigs was of such interest to me with their Environment First thinking.

 I first got involved with SeaPigs when I met Mick and he told me about all the work they are doing to protect our planet. I was particularly interested in how he created their brand around social responsibility. I have an expansive knowledge of technology and a whole host of digital tools needed to take the SeaPigs brand to the next level, and provide crucial support in helping us achieve our fullest potential with our online footprint.

 I see unlimited potential in how far SeaPigs can go and I look forward to advancing as a key part of the machine that gets us to the apex of our abilities.

MICK ON WILF: The latest addition to our Herd, Wilf is studying Computer Science at Newcastle University and has just applied for a year out with the BBC. We have yet to explore Wilf’s full potential as a member of the Herd, but we have plenty of things in mind to keep him busy with our water bottles going on sale. Wilf will be a part of creating the online shop, connecting fulfilment to the sales platform with his level of technological understanding that I frankly could never match.Our innovative foot measuring app will be initially lead by Wilf until he leaves for his year out into industry. Wilf is a budding entrepreneur and a name to watch out for!