Why Buy a Water Bottle?

Why buy a water bottle - drinks companion

When carrying a Bottle, it shows the world you love our planet and are an active healthy person.

The Old Way

As the global climate has changed, so has the way that consumers approach the purchase of a water bottle. It used to be as simple a transaction as any other - consumer wants a drink, consumer purchases water bottle, consumer drinks bottle and throws it away. This is no longer the way of things. We’ve evolved.

Disposable plastic single-use water bottles are no good for the environment and aren’t sustainable. That much is clear, and on that I think we can all agree. It’s not brand new information. As people have come to this realisation, it has started to form a trend.

Why buy a water bottle - seapigs drinks companions

Looking & Feeling Good

The purchase and use of reusable water bottles has become the newest form of status symbol. From shoe brands to mobile phones, there are always these markers of superiority, a sign that the bearer is doing better than those who aren’t in possession of it. But the reusable water bottle represents a shift in this kind of status symbol. Whereas before, these symbols have been emblematic of wealth, this symbol is a sign of social conscience.

Being & Feeling Good

Sporting a reusable water bottle broadcasts the message that you are an environmentally conscious, responsible person doing what they can to make an impact on the planet and the plastic problem facing us all. Worldly awareness has become sexy - the way a person wants themselves to be seen.

Not only that, but it makes the bearer look invested in their own health and fitness, they look super active and sporty - another vital component of image and personal branding in 2019. Before, the message of status symbols was that one is “too rich to care” - now the tide has turned, and caring is the way everyone wants to be. The reusable water bottle is at the forefront of that.

SeaPigs Bottles - the ultimate drinks companion - buy a water bottle

The SeaPigs Drinks Companion

SeaPigs is releasing its own variant of unique reusable water bottles that represent this social consciousness. We have championed the cause from the very beginning, and have published works at length about the extent to which our planet is being destroyed. Our water bottles can be reused time and time again so there is no need for plastic bottles - just fill it up and take it with you wherever you go!

  Furthermore, the SeaPigs Drinks Companion keeps your drinks (Chilli 12 hours) warm or cold (Chilly 24 hours) (whichever it is) for hours on end, so it feels fresh whenever you go to drink it. Your ability to carry this bottle through life with you and never throw it away is what makes it a “Drinks Companion” - beyond just a regular old water bottle, its an extension of you. Your drinks companions will  stay with you for years and years.

Why do we plant a tree for every bottle sold? 

Part of our environmental commitment is our alliance with Forest Carbon - this partnership ensures that for every Drinks Companion we sell, a tree is planted in a UK forest. This confirms our dedication to Mother Nature and the environment, both symbolically and literally.

It is part of our great pride in the sustainability of our operations, as the planting of a tree for each of our products completely offsets our carbon footprint and makes us in fact carbon positive, an achievement that few companies can boast. We are thankful to our loyal and dedicated Herd, who assisted in the decision making process that led to this partnership - showing that our  platform is filled with members of the Good 1%, that are actively seeking change.

When carrying a Water Bottle, it shows the world you love our planet and are an active healthy person.

Why buy water bottles - seapigs - drinks companion

Why should you buy a SeaPigs Bottle? 

SeaPigs Drinks Companions are more than just water bottles - and that has always been our intention. It has a practical purpose (keeping you hydrated and active), and a theological one too - it’s a statement to the world about how we see ourselves, and about how we treat our place in the grand scheme of things, caring for Mother Nature -  who brought us all here. Make a statement for the better and purchase a new Drinks Companion.

Over and snout

SeaPigs Bottles - the ultimate drinks companion - coming soon...