Whats so special about Stainless Steel?

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SeaPigs and Stainless Steel

Why Water Bottles?

We have had plans for a reusable water bottle for a long time. Like everything we do, we put a lot of thought and research into it. We eventually came to the conclusion that stainless steel is the best material that you can use for the water bottles that we wanted to make.

Like most things at SeaPigs we really want to ensure we think about the problem and ensure that we find the correct solution.

4 Possible Materials

There are 4 main classifications of reusable water bottles:


Stainless Steel



Here is the short version of why stainless steel is the best material to use in reusable water bottles. There are numerous blogs, YouTube videos and other online media available if you want to know more. This is the synopsis.


This is by far the easiest material to recycle and in the UK we currently recycle 57% of all our glass. Glass can be added to your domestic recycling at home. Although glass is easy to recycle it still needs to be sorted into numerous classifications. The huge issue with glass around functionality is that it breaks easily and to strengthen it - you need to make it toughened. That means strengthening the glass, thus making it harder to recycle. And to add this extra strength, the most common material is typically plastic (surprise, surprise). So to use a glass that is recyclable, it will make a brittle product - that will break before being fully used. Not practical.

Stainless Steel

This metal is strong light and durable - perfect for a reusable water bottle. Stainless Steel uses 60% of recycled metal in the production, plus it does not react with air or water, so it does not need to be hygienically coated, to be safe for us. Stainless Steel cannot be added to your recycling bin and needs to be sent to a scrap yard or metal recycling centre. But with our Guarantee ‘If We Make It - We Take It Back’ - we take care of this for you.


This one remains very similar to stainless steel in most regards, but aluminium reacts with air so it needs to be covered to be hygienic and this means spraying with a product containing BPA’s - this is a big killer to the environment and is disastrously impacting marine life - orcas in particular - so a big no-no from us.


It was never going to be this one, was it? But let’s talk it out anyway. Plastic is the best material for functionality, it’s light, durable, impervious to water and cheap to make, but that means it’s going to be on this planet for around 500-1000 years and then it biodegrades into microplastics, which are worse than the trillions of large pieces of plastic floating about in the world’s seas. Due to plastic pollution and the SeaPigs Brand mission - to reduce plastic production and take responsibility for our products after use. We cannot use plastic, plus it’s extremely difficult to recycle as there are just so many thousands of different types and you can’t cross the streams when recycling.

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The SeaPigs Plan

We have tested 2 stainless steel prototypes and we are very happy with the quality and environmental impact.

We believe that stainless steel is the best material to use and this is why we are using it.

We hope reading this has made you understand our decision and we hope you are on the same page as us and will pick one up from us!

Over to You

What do you think about choosing stainless steel?

Have we made the right choice?

Or would you rather see us using something else?

Thoinks for reading,

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