The Tide Is Turning

The Tide Is Turning

The culture is changing and customers are starting to seek out the sustainable.

Love our beaches and oceans

Finally, the beach footwear market is starting to see some change in how the average consumer approaches it. We’ve discussed various angles towards beach footwear in various blogs over the past few months, and we’ve made clear that the SeaPigs Drifters are a benefit to the consumer due to being reusable and not a one-time item, combating the plastic polluting we hate so much. Now it seems as though people are on the same page.

One of the primary reasons for owning any pair of flip flops at all is their general convenience, with the slip-on/slip-off nature of the beast providing protection to the underside of our trotters. And yet the seemingly simple formula has flaws, and all of the emerging high-end beach footwear brands - of which we are one - can agree that the base/sole of the shoe is where the issues arise, and a standard cutting of regular foam is doing your body no good. We live in a society where people are more aware of what’s good for them than ever before - is there any wonder people don’t want to wear shoes that make them uncomfortable on their two weeks holiday a year that they’re supposed to be enjoying themselves?

Regardless of just how involved people are about the medical side-effects of flip flops, it has become clear that people are aware that flip flops aren’t good for the body on some level. You’re after more support, which higher-end beach footwear companies like us can provide.

Improved construction, of course, does not have to come at the expense of general style. Yes, you can have it all without being reduced to unflattering Jesus Creepers a pensioner would boast. Black and brown are nice colours in their own right, but for a product typically worn on the beach and its surrounding environs, it makes total sense that people are looking for something with a bit more of a visual pop.

In a recent interview, the heads of fellow beach footwear brand Hari Mari discuss how the age of use-once-then-discard flip flops is ending and it is becoming increasingly popular for people to buy better made flip flops as a larger investment. This galvanises us and cements our purpose to bring you the best SeaPigs Drifter that we can.

The conversation has changed as people have come to the realisation that the planet needs to be nurtured and cared for, and that the old way of doing things just isn’t cutting it with the emergence of garbage patches and literal floating islands of waste. As much as consumers want a product to suit their needs, they want the product to suit the planet once they are finally done with it, and pressure is being placed on brands to make sure that this can be the case in a product’s afterlife. The SeaPigs Guarantee embodies that completely, taking total responsibility for our own plastic production and seeing our produce become returned to Mother Earth.

Seeing our inspirations - Hari Mari, Reef, Tide, Vionic - all succeed and, ahem, make waves, with beach footwear gives us the confidence we need to push ahead with the SeaPigs Drifters. Elements of what each of these brands do resonate with us, and we aim to expand on their ideas with our own unique and individual perspective to bring the market something it has never seen the likes of before. We’re thrilled you’re along for the ride.

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