Steve's Story - Herd of Product


The collaboration between myself and SeaPigs came about by accident really. I received a notification from a website called Bark saying that Mick was looking for Product Developers in my area. As far as I was aware I hadn’t even subscribed to Bark but I replied to the notification and got a call from Mick for a meeting. Before the meeting all I knew was that the project had something to do with footwear but never imagined that it would be flip flops.

 Mick arrived for the meeting full of enthusiasm and ran through the project background, the SeaPigs philosophy and the story behind SeaPigs, where they were and what they wanted. To be honest, at this point it was just some more work on another project and it didn’t really fill me with much enthusiasm or excitement. The next couple of meetings and the next work I did the feeling was probably the same but as I got more into the project and the project went from some pictures and square pieces of materials glued together, to a flip flop, to a ‘Drifter’, it got more interesting. The more involved I got into it the more interested and the more behind the project I got and my involvement in the project went from producing pretty pictures to having design input and producing prototypes. Now I am involved as part of the SeaPigs Herd and I fully believe in the product and the philosophy behind the project and have even started changing my own business slowly based on what I have learnt, and am continuing to learn, from SeaPigs.

 When the Kickstarter campaign launched I wanted it to succeed and put my weight behind promoting it as much as I could with support on social media, liking, sharing and creating posts as well as creating boards on Pinterest and posting in forums on Reddit. When the campaign failed I was gutted and thought that the project was going to be over and a product I liked and believed in wouldn’t go any further. After various meetings it also seems that Mick and Amanda felt the same and wanted to continue so ways to continue were discussed. After various meetings, a new plan was formed and has been put into motion. I am relieved that the project is moving again, and although it is taking more time than we initially supposed, our faith in the product and assurance in the vision we have will make it all ultimately worthwhile.


Rational, considered and logical, Steve’s mellow demeanour means that while he rarely is overtly enthused, he has the right head on his shoulders to resolve any issue that comes before him in the most efficient way he is able. His constructive criticism and wisdom are greatly appreciated - our meetings are frequent, essential, and concise. He’s a perfect counterbalance to my swirling storm of ideas and tangents - temperate, with every remark pointed and thought through. He gets the job done - and well, too.