SeaPigs is a brand that knows the world needs to undergo major changes in order to be sustainable for generations to come. The environment is a major factor in why the world today is so shambolic, as is the general way things are done that help society function.

For a long time now the consumer has been king and big businesses will move heaven and earth in order to reinforce the message that consumers “need” certain pricey yet ultimately inconsequential items in order to keep the money rolling in. The American government creates national debt by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve (an organisation that, bafflingly, is not government-owned, but controlled by a few important and influential bankers) to fund these procession of wars, but the amount of interest the Reserve charges is what forces America into a great deal of national debt, and forcing people to live pay cheque to pay cheque barely getting by. This is all explored in the Amazon Prime documentary ‘Ethos’, narrated by screen star Woody Harrelson.

The documentary firmly establishes that the press will happily package information in whatever way that it wants in order to get the outcome that it desires. This maintains the illusion of a free press that ultimately just passes on the government’s agenda often without any further investigation or overall criticism - for example, claims of Saddam Hussein owning weapons of mass destruction that were widely accepted as fact yet never at any point ever proven to be remotely true.

This links into the establishment of Muslims as the new “Foreign Devil” following the end of the Cold War - a damaging stereotype that unfortunately was only further solidified in the zeitgeist in the wake of 9/11. This label was persistently encouraged in order to keep the military machine going, as the military was simply making America far too much money through billion-dollar corporations such as the Carlyle Group that manufactured weapons. Simply put, war was worth too much to go away, and with superpowers seeing themselves as a New Rome (a.k.a a powerful state at the pinnacle of development for the era it finds itself in) they could continue being warlike states, going from one conflict to the next.

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The documentary proposes that the occupation of Iraq by the American military was done entirely strategically, to allow an ease of access into neighbouring Syria and Iran, and to have a closer US base of operations to deal with anything that ever may arise with China, which was then rising to be the superpower that rivals America which we now know it as today. And yet this was all marketed in a way that seemed to be beneficial to American people under the guise of “protecting the peace”, with many US citizens supporting occupying Iraq for a long time.

This was because the press manipulated the public into fear and submission - while people offered to do what they could to help repair society after events like 9/11, they were instructed to go back to their daily grind as though nothing had ever happened. Except now, they went about their daily business with the additional knowledge that anything could happen to them at any time - a narrative that the media is quite happy to peddle even to this day. Look at those few months in early 2017 where in Britain, it seemed like every day ordinary people were being subjected to wanton acts of terror - Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena and the London Bridge attacks happened within such alarming proximity to one another that the nation had no time to get over one before being rocked by the next.

At SeaPigs we promise to be crystal clear about all of our standards and practices. We know honesty is the best policy so marketing things one way when they are actually another is simply not a part of our playbook. We will be straightforward and answer any question you have for us - via e-mail, social media, or our “ask us anything” option here on our website. We hope you will support an honest business like SeaPigs striving to be a part of the Good 1% and work in a way that benefits everybody, within the circular economy.

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