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What being a prosocial brand means to us.

Prosocial brands are not common. They’re an emerging thing. At SeaPigs we are proud to say that we have been one from the off. It may all sound very la-dee-da to you, a fancy business buzzword, and to be honest on some level, it is. But when you break down what it actually means, you’ll see the importance of it and why prosocial brands are vital to a sustainable future.

Prosocial Pretenders

  Too often these days brands feign interest in being ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’, meeting bare minimums to plaster these environmentalist-placating labels across their produce. They dupe the average consumer with these wild claims that are greatly exaggerated and can be debunked by simply just sitting and thinking properly about what they actually mean when they say things.

  These brands exist for one reason - to sell. To make money. And while we’re no fools - we know every brand is out to make a profit and don’t deny that we’re one of them - we do not exploit our customers with lies and fairy tales about what we’re doing. SeaPigs puts their money where their mouth is.

The Purpose of Being Prosocial

  We are a brand with purpose. And not just that one purpose, either. That’s a part of what being prosocial is all about. We are conscious of any and all concerns you may have and we try to put a stop to any problems before they ever even happen. It’s not even just about the environmental  aspect either, it’s about the collaboration with you, our customers, to act on your concerns and provide you with the product you want without the burden of worry. Our wish for you can be summed up in another term: guilt-free consumerism. You shouldn’t need to think twice about purchasing from SeaPigs because if we’ve done our job correctly, you won’t be concerned at all about the impact your purchase is having on the planet.

Prosocial Done Properly

  As we’ve mentioned, this is something that SeaPigs provides which all of our competitors lack. Companies have started to latch on to the ‘Planet Earth affect’ - people steadily gaining awareness and investment in preserving the planet, usually because David Attenborough has scared the bejesus out of them on a documentary and they’ve realised Doomsday is closer than we thought. And yet rather than use this new dawn of enlightenment for general good, once again they have weaponised it for their OWN good. 

The Problem With Prosocial Brands

  It’s become a competition now, who’s the most fabulous at going green - but this makes brands cut corners. You may even think we are guilty of this, if you were a casual observer of our brand. We’ve long been open about the measures we go to in order to be carbon neutral - even carbon positive. The difference is, that our methods hold up under scrutiny. We’re not full of empty promises and every claim we make and offer we give can be backed up and doesn’t involve carefully-assembled statistics designed to bamboozle the brain and twist the truth with omissions and wordplay.

Why We’re Qualified to Lead the Field

  We know plenty about being a prosocial brand as Mick, our Head of the Herd, detailed what they are in his award-winning dissertation at Newcastle University. Therefore we’ve been influenced by other emerging prosocial brands and been able to implement proscial practices in how we operate as a result of this extensive, acclaimed research.

Over to You

  Did you know what a prosocial brand was before reading this blog?

And do you feel like we explained it well so you understand now, if not?

Do you agree that SeaPigs should remain prosocial in how it operates?

Over and snout,

SeaPigs - finding a fairer way to do business