SeaPigs Bottles - The limited edition & exclusively SeaPigs colours

SeaPigs Bottles - Who loves what and why

Hella of a Yella #HelluvaYella - Amanda

Helluva Yella - SeaPigs Bottles - buy water bottles

None of the rest of the Herd were remotely surprised to hear that Amanda found ‘Hell of a Yellow’ her favourite SeaPigs water bottle of our range. After all, our Herd of Operations is such a ray of sunshine that it’s no wonder that this was the bottle she gravitated to. A striking, eye-catching shade of yellow, combined with the blue SeaPigs logo at the base it makes the whole thing really pop. Amanda will be carrying this wherever she goes!

Big Blue #LoveBigBlue - Daniel

Big Blue - SeaPigs Bottles - buy water bottles

Our Herd of Communications Daniel is obsessed with the Big Blue variation of our water bottles as it is the most reminiscent of Our Tiny Blue Dot and all of the oceans we support the saving of. A simple block of colour speaks so much about the SeaPigs message and the parallels of water and sky are immediate. The Big Blue puts the Sea in SeaPigs.

Perfectly Pink #PerfectlyPink - Rachel

Perfectly Pink - SeaPigs Bottles - buy water bottles

Rachel, our Herd of Content, considers Perfectly Pink her favourite water bottle as she feels it sums up the SeaPigs brand most accurately. The shade of pink is exactly that of the one everyone thinks of when they imagine a  barnyard pig, and having a pink bottle as a part of our range just seemed to make sense.

Green Apple #GreenAppleBottle - Steve

Green Apple - SeaPigs Bottles - buy water bottles

Green apples are one of the many foods that pigs can enjoy (FACT CHECK) and we thought that some of our Herd would appreciate a more earthy neutral-toned option for a water bottle. Exciting without being overstated, it at first seems like a bit of a departure from the ‘SeaPigs look’, but while we don’t always use the colour green, you can’t deny that we ARE green - metaphorically, in terms of our environmentalist aims. We used this water bottle as a way to make a statement and say something new and unexpected about SeaPigs.

Passionately Purple #PassionP - Mick

Passionately Purple - SeaPigs Bottles - buy water bottles

Passionately Purple could only be the bottle favoured by our dedicated leader and Head of Herd Mick. Ironically, the deep aubergine purple colour was never intended to be one of our flagship colours for the water bottle range, but while experimenting with all kinds of different colours making mock-ups for the bottles, Mick found himself rather drawn towards this gorgeous purple colour - and the Herd agreed when he proposed it to them. It’s now went on to become his favourite of the range, proving that everything doesn’t always happen the way you think it might. We hope you love it too!