Why do we use stainless steel in our SeaPigs water bottles?

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Like most things at SeaPigs we really want to ensure we think about the problem and ensure that we find the correct solution. So off we went and researched the issue.

There are 4 main classifications of reusable water bottle:

  1. Glass

  2. Stainless Steel

  3. Aluminium

  4. Plastic

We will give you the short version of why stainless steel is the best material to use in reusable water bottles. There are numerous blogs, you tube clips if you want to understand more. We will be giving you the condensed synopsis - the zeitgeist version.


This is the easiest to recycle and in the UK we currently recycle 57% of all our glass. Glass can be added to your domestic recycling at home. Although glass is easy to recycle it still needs to be sorted into numerous classifications. The huge issue with glass around functionality is that it breaks easy and to strengthen it, you need to make it toughened and then that means strengthening the glass making it harder to recycle and plastic is vernally used to add strength. So to use a glass that is easily recycled but will make it a brittle product - that will break before being used out.

Stainless Steel

This metal is strong light and durable - perfect for a reusable water bottle. Stainless Steel uses 60% of recycled metal in the production, plus it does not react with air or water, so it does not need to be hygienically coated, to be safe for us. Stainless Steel cannot be added to your recycling bin and needs to be sent to a scrap yard or metal recycling centre. But with our Guarantee: ‘If We Make It - We Take It Back’ - we take care of this for you.


As Stainless Steel pretty much, but aluminium reacts with air so it needs to covered to be hygienic and this means spraying with a bioproduct containing BPA’s - This is a big killer to the environment and is really affecting marine life like Orcas, so a big no.


Due to plastic pollution and the SeaPigs Brand mission - to reduce plastic production and take responsibility for out products after use. We cannot use plastic, plus its extremely difficult to recycle as there are thousands of different types and you can’t cross the streams when recycling.

We have tested 2 stainless steel prototypes and we are very happy with the quality and environmental impact.

We believe that stainless steel is the best material to use and this is why we are using it.

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