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Finding the best bottle

The Importance of RE-USING

We all know there is more we could be doing to recycle better. Sometimes it can feel like a hopeless cause - where does one start? What practices does one bother with enforcing and what does one prioritise? It can be hard to know, especially for the uninitiated. 


What We’re Doing and Why

  For a long time now SeaPigs have been promoting our reusable water bottles, and these have a great impact on saving the environment. While we know our own products work and have total faith in them, we thought you should have some insight into the research and development phase, and see for yourself the products that have inspired us and the products that we have learned constructive lessons from.

The Research

  We decided to choose 5 different bottles on the market to find out which is best. Rachel, our Herd of Content, has conducted the reviews and chose the 5 water bottles with consultation from the team. The aim is to find the best bottle possible. 

  We have carried out a great deal of research on water bottle users, we underwent a sustainability research on which material is best to make water bottles from and then this - a review of our competitors. 

Chilli Bottle - 9/10

I purchased a Chilli bottle about 8 months ago, and I could not tell you when I last bought a single plastic water bottle. It permanently lives in my bag and is filled up to three times a day. What motivated me to buy the bottle is that it’s not made from plastic. With being a student staying hydrated is vital to concentrate, I wanted a bottle which would keep water cool all day. And the Chilli bottle definitely does that. The tap water remains fresh and cool all day long. The Chilli bottle is also very attractive. It is slim and is available in many different colours. I went for a light pink colour, there are now small scratches on the bottle from where it has been in my bag but they are only noticeable from up close. Overall I am very satisfied with the bottle and continue to use it to this day. 

SeaPigs Bottles - the ultimate drinks companion - perfectly pink

Dopper Bottle - 6/10

The Dopper Bottle is a lightweight slim bottle with a detachable lid which can be used as a cup. Due to it being so light it is easy to use and carry around. However, the downside is that although it is refillable it is made from plastic. Therefore unlike the Chilli Bottle the water does not stay as cool, and it isn’t as sustainable for the environment. Although it does help reduce the amount of single plastic bought, the water gets warm quickly and therefore needs replacing frequently. With the lightweight and the detachable cup this may be ideal for younger children. 


Hydro Flask - 7/10

The Hydro Flask is a large and bright bottle made from thick stainless steel and is BPA-Free. It is a heavy and wide bottle and can contain a large amount of water. Therefore it would be a fantastic bottle to take on camping trips or hikes. As an outdoor bottle it will keep cold drinks for 24 hours and hot drinks for up to 6 hours. The Hydro Flask was easy to use but due to its size it was difficult to fit into bags and carry around. The bottle is designed to be used in the outdoors rather than everyday life. 

SeaPigs Bottles - the ultimate drinks companion - Hydro Flask - water bottle review

Life Factory Bottle - 8/10

The Life Factory Bottle was quite a surprise. The bottle is made from glass and covered in a rubber casing to protect it from breakage. The rubber is soft and smooth and when dropped the glass should not break. The glass maintains the temperature of the water better than the plastic bottles do. Considering it is made from glass it is quite light and is easy to use day to day. Although grains of dirt can stick to the rubber, the bottle is one I would use again! 

SeaPigs Bottles - the ultimate drinks companion - life factory water bottle - reviews

Memo Bottle - 4/10

Like the Dopper Bottle, the Memo Bottle is made from plastic. This was the bottle which I was most interested to use because of its shape. Unlike the standard bottle shape the Memo bottle is flat and rectangular and can come in an assortment of different sizes. Like paper sizes the bottles vary from A5, A6 and A7. The Memo Bottle came in fantastic packaging and looked very impressive. Unfortunately using this bottle was not as pleasant. The bottle lid is small and feels as though you are drinking out of a shampoo bottle. The bottle does not hold a large amount of water and becomes warm quickly. Although it was very handy to slot into a bag among books and notepads the usability did not outweigh this. Holding the rectangle bottle while drinking looks and feels strange.

SeaPigs Bottles - the ultimate drinks companion - Hydro Flask water bottle review

What It’s All About

Everyone at SeaPigs uses reusable water bottles and that’s why we have decided to make SeaPigs bottles. We did not just want to make any bottle, we needed to make the best bottle we could, by finding out what the customer needs, what’s best for the environment and how we can still make a fair profit at SeaPigs. All the profits from our water bottles will go on Research & Development for the SeaPigs Drifters, our flagship product with a fully closed loop manufacturing process. 

SeaPigs Bottles - the ultimate drinks companion - hand drawn by Eye Illustrate

Where You Come In

Every one of the products we reviewed - even the very best that inspired us the most - felt as though they were lacking in something, and that missing link is what the SeaPigs brand provides. Nothing can be all things to all people, and we appreciate that our takes on the water bottles we reviewed are entirely objective and susceptible to our own personal tastes and ideas. You may think that the Memo Bottle (our lowest reviewed) is your favourite and dislike the Chilli Bottle (our favourite), and that’s entirely your prerogative (if you have experience of other products like the ones we reviewed, sound off in the comments with your opinions!). We based our decision making off what we see for the SeaPigs brand and the vision that our Herd have guided us with based on our co-creation practices.

Supporting SeaPigs

  We hope that you will support our eco-friendly entry into the water-bottle world by purchasing one of our SeaPigs water bottles. As we hope you can tell, we put the effort into finding out what works, and making it work to create the best product possible that we can.

Our team are passionate about giving you the best quality of product that you deserve - for example, Rachel is now left with 4 reusable water bottles she’s unlikely to use again for the sake of reviewing for this blog and for our own development purposes! Why would anybody need an alternative to the SeaPigs water bottle? That’s exactly the response we want to create.

Over to You

Do you have a favourite water bottle alternative to the SeaPigs water bottle? And what do you like about it if you do?

What are you looking for in a water bottle?

Do the SeaPigs water bottles interest you?

If you own a SeaPigs water bottle, what do you think of it?

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