Rachel's Story - Herd of Content


I joined the SeaPigs team because I was looking for an internship to complete while I study my MSc in International Marketing at Newcastle University. I have gained a great deal of experience working with SeaPigs, using things I have learnt on my course and implementing these things to the SeaPigs marketing strategy.

SeaPigs Herd - Newcastle University

 SeaPigs are a fantastic brand to work with, their passion for reducing plastic pollution makes me feel fulfilled with the work I do for them. I have learnt a lot about the importance of brands taking responsibility for their products after use. This will remain important to me throughout my marketing career. I myself make different purchasing decisions now with the thoughts of sustainability in mind, and I hope our brand can do the same for others.

 I thoroughly enjoy working with the SeaPigs team and I am excited to see where the future leads us!


As our Herd of Content - I love the way that Rachel gently changes my crazy ideas into a manageable reality. If she believes she's right she will not deviate, may give an inch here and there, but remains firm. It's great - I know I can come up with crazy ideas and Rachel will bring them down to earth. I feel so confident giving Rachel autonomy on the content to be posted. We are both learning and every week we analyze the data and try to understand what you want from us. That's all we want - to be led by the people who care about the SeaPigs culture. Rachel is the fabric of the SeaPigs culture, and as our success grows I forsee Rachel’s role growing ever-further with it.