Why you decided that we should plant a tree for every product sold?

SeaPigs plant a tree for every product sold

Plant a tree

SeaPigs plant a tree for every product sold


Why you decided that we should plant a tree for every product sold? 

In short, to be carbon positive and not add to global warming. 

What is global warming

  1. Is our planet really warming up? 

Yes! Our planet is getting warmer—and fast. Our planet is getting warmer faster than any point in our history. Every year we break records for the hottest days in recorded history, and sadly people are not seeing this as that much of a warning as they should be.

2. Greatest Extinction period of our Planet? 

You would think, the end of the dinosaurs. Well scientists are starting to think that actually we may now be living in it. We know that may seem unbelievable, as an asteroid wrecking the planet and most of the creatures living on it is highly dramatic and seems hard to beat, but apparently so. THAT MANY species are dying out at such a rapid rate, that on a technical level we’ve overtaken the doom of the dinosaurs when it comes to the percentage of species in the world that are dying out.

3. What is climate?

Climate is a repeated, typical pattern of weather common to a particular area or locale. Its is typically thought of regionally, i.e. ‘a Mediterranean climate’ or a ‘Siberian climate’, though can be applied to the globe as a whole as due to the magnitude of the environmental crisis, every climate has become affected somehow.

4. What is weather?

Weather is a much narrower way of looking at climate. It’s fleeting and extremely localised, changing multiple times daily in any given place. It can be predicted with good accuracy in the short-term, and has a more immediate impact on people’s everyday lives than climate as a whole does.

5. Do we care if Earth is getting warmer?

Yes - and so we should, because it’s all our fault and we’re ruining everything. There is no Planet B and no do-over. People narcissistically seemed to think it was a dawn we were never going to see so why should we bother worrying about it, but this attitude has led to the Point of No Return now being much closer than we actually thought it was, and we need to initiate a last-minute turnaround - like a student doing all their homework the evening before it’s due. 

6. Does what we do matter?

Everyone has a part to play in securing a sustainable future for our planet. Everybody seems to think that they as one person are so insignificant that making changes in their own lives will be pointless and not affect the bigger picture when there’s 7 billion other people who need to get on board too. And as cliche as it sounds, if everyone got over this and tried to enact change, it would actually happen! It’s kind of like when people say voting doesn’t matter - somebody has to do it, at the end of the day.

7. What is making Earth's climate warmer?

We are burning too many fossil fuels too quickly. Doing this releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. While this is technically supposed to be normal, remember that we are doing this at such an intense rate that plantlife can’t cope and deal with it. It also helps even less that we are intent on chopping lots and lots of the helpful plantlife down for other reasons. So all of this carbon dioxide is just going into the air… and staying there. 

8. How do we release Carbon Dioxide? 

Driving our cars, flying in planes, making our food, products, everything we do pretty much. 

9. Why is so much Carbon Dioxide so bad? 

All of this carbon dioxide lingering in the air starts to pollute our atmosphere. Because it is such a harsh gas, it wears down ozone, a chemical component that makes up one of the important layers in Earth’s atmosphere - the ozone layer, which you’ve probably heard of. This is the layer that stops the harsh rays of the sun from killing us. If the ozone layer goes away, that’s all of us dead from skin cancer.

10. How do we reduce Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere?

Plant more trees, for starters. Cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide we’re emitting into the atmosphere, for second.

SeaPigs Pinky Promise to be Carbon Positive

Carbon Positive

SeaPigs Pinky Promise to be Carbon Positive

How do trees help global warming?

  1. Did you know that in 2015, Earth had the highest average temperature in all of recorded history?

  2. Trees "breathe" in carbon dioxide, a cause of global warming, and breathe out oxygen, just what we need. 

  3. Earth is warming up because of Greenhouse Gases. They are building up in the atmosphere and making the Earth get warmer.

  4. Global warming is greatly contributing to floods, storms and droughts. 

  5. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases building up in the environment.

  6. The main greenhouse gas that is causing a problem is carbon dioxide.

  7. Carbon dioxide is created by the burning of fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil,) factories, and vehicles (cars, planes, etc.)

  8. Trees are helpful because they take carbon dioxide out of the air.

Reduce Global Warming and climate change

Reduce Global Warming

Plant a tree and help our planet breathe


Why do we plant a tree for every product sold? 

1. They trap Carbon Dioxide and release the oxygen we need.

2. Trees soak up 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide in their lifetime. 

3. Trees planted in a managed forest create a new and diversified ecosystem. 
4. Trees look after their environment - read our blog - (Trees communicate)

5. The landscape is enhanced by the planting of trees

6. Trees improve air quality

7. They regulate water quality and supply

8. They are also beautiful and offer amazing recreation grounds. 

One of our Pinky Promises is to be carbon positive, in other words SeaPigs will soak up all the carbon dioxide produced by the brand. Because we plant a tree for every product sold, through our partnership with Forest Carbon, SeaPigs is actually carbon positive. 

That's what you told us you wanted. You Speak - We Listen 

Over and snout 

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