Micks Update - May 2019 - Where are we going?


Oink oink people!

 Well this is the first time I’ve written an update on SeaPigs, but as part of our new way forward we are going to open up to the Herd and be transparent, as a part of our 10 Pinky Promises. We have had hundreds of questions, emails, comments and in this post I will try and answer the questions we were asked the most.

 The most amount of questions or comments were around the price of the SeaPigs Drifters. Price is not only a quality measure, but also it needs to consider the value the product is offering the end user. We are looking to be cheaper than a pair of custom-made flip flops that cost £300 and more around the same price as Birkenstocks/fit flops/Saltwater sandals. The Drifter looks simple and that is because we wanted it to look as close to a flip flop as we could.

 We made a mistake and marketed the SeaPigs Drifters as “not flip flops” (over emphasising this negative was a big mistake and one a number of you let us know this - so it’s gone, you won’t see it again.) Thoink you for your advice. The SeaPigs Drifters mission is this: To create the world’s first flip flops to be recommended by medical experts.

 Normal flip flops or traditional flip flops which are basically a single sole cut out of plastic or rubber and then a Y strap pushed through range from 99p to hundreds of pounds. We are not looking to compete with traditional flip flops. So using the term not flip flops confused the technology and innovation with the Drifters. The Drifters have been designed for people who cannot wear flip flops due to injury or medical recommendations or people who understand how bad flip flops are for your foot health and wellbeing.

 Our aim is to hide the foot support and ensure the Drifter moulds and adapts to your specific feet - this has been engineered and designed with product engineers, medical experts and of course co-created with the herd. We are sorry of we confused you - the Drifters are eco friendly and will always be, but they are also going to be the best flip flops you can buy and our aim is to get medical experts to recommend the Drifter.

 What you love about flip flops are the ease of putting on, feet open to the air and sun, they feel liberating and when you wear them you feel in a better mood. We did not want to lose this for the Drifters. We could have added the foot support to the top of the product like other companies, but this would make them look more medical than cool Beach footwear  so we decided to add the support to the bottom layer. Normal flip flop soles are one piece of material cut to shape - the Drifters have 4 layers of different natural materials that work together to support the foot and also allow it the freedom to sink into the sole.

 The Y Strap or T flip flop toe strap had to go - it makes you walk funny and it shortens your stride - so we went for the simplest design that allowed the foot to be connected to the sole better than the Y strap. This means stopping toe gripping and the potential foot pain that this could cause.

 The Drifter is well under way and once we are ready to test the product on real people this will prove that the concept works and justify the price.

 The SeaPigs water bottles are currently being designed, we are testing prototype 2 now and we are also testing 5 of the best selling water bottles on the market. Once all this research is complete - we will order only 1000 water bottles - 200 of each colour and therefore Limited Editions - we will be selling them online and as soon as we have made the order we will allow people to reserve their favourite colour:

  1. Passionately Purple

  2. Perfectly Pink

  3. Big Blue

  4. Green Apple

  5. Helluva Yella

I can’t wait to update you all in a months time about how things are going. Things happen so fast at SeaPigs it’ll be all change by then.

Over and snout