July Update from Mick - Head of the Herd at SeaPigs

SeaPigs Deckchairs


I can’t believe it’s been a month since I wrote the first ‘Mick’s Update’! We have all been hard at work on a number of projects. 

You asked for more transparency? 

We are trying to make SeaPigs more transparent and answer all your questions (we receive questions daily) via content, Blogs, Vlogs, interviews or on our website. Daniel, Herd of Communications, informed me that we have over 50 blogs now. These blogs are our way of telling you what we are doing and most importantly WHY. 

SeaPigs Drifters 

SeaPigs Drifters - Prototype 21

You asked - Why are flip flops bad for you? 

One of the most asked questions is: Why are the SeaPigs Drifters better for your feet than flip flops? We have our own opinions, but we wanted to get the opinions of others, so Daniel and I co wrote this blog: Why are flip flops bad for you?

Dr. Brook Galna - Newcastle University 

Since writing this blog we have met Dr. Brook Galna from Newcastle Universities School of Biomedical Sciences where he teaches undergraduate students about the biomechanics of human movement, along with other exciting research projects. We are currently discussing Brook becoming part of the Herd to undertake a study on the SeaPigs Drifters. We are still defining the scope of the research and will let you know later. This is great as it will allow our innovation to be further tested. Exciting stuff. 

Sweet success helps SeaPigs enter the circular economy - I’m Green EVA 

Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing

Steve will give us a full update on the SeaPigs Drifters prototype 22. I would like to thank Barclays Eagle Labs and especially Robyn for her help and the introduction to Carl at the SAM (Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing) Project - The University of Sunderland. Their help, guidance and support has been essential in the production of all our next prototypes. We are close to making the final prototype, we were hoping this would be prototype 22, however, from the advice from both Newcastle and Sunderland University we have already committed to prototype 23, which will be again one step closer. We find that when we are making our most recent prototype it is out of date before we have started, but as we are using a model called ‘Rapid Prototyping” this is part of the learning process. 

SeaPigs Bottles 

The SeaPigs Bottles has also been progressing further. We have carried out Due Diligence on our bottle supplier in China. Our water bottle is custom made for us and we have just committed to planting a tree for every bottle we sell. This has a large cost associated, but it was something that you chose on a recent Facebook poll. This means that the trees we plant will soak up all the carbon dioxide we use in the whole SeaPigs operation. 

Reusable Water Bottle Review

Rachel tests the best 5 water bottles

This week I made a visit to Dame Allan’s School in Fenham to do a series of talks to around 200 students on how SeaPigs are finding a fairer way to do business and sustainability, global warming. The interaction with the students was very engaging and important. 

There is so much to write about, but there’s only so much time as we need to be getting on with it all - so until next month! 

Over and snout,



Finding a fairer way to do business.