How long until Pig Island is gone?

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At SeaPigs we find Pig Island, otherwise known as Great Exuma in the Bahamas, a bottomless well of inspiration for everything that informs our brand. An idyllic, dream destination - the images that emerge from tourists there make you salivate with desire and envy. However, we also know at SeaPigs how much our planet is under threat from humanity.

 Humankind is 0.01% of all life on earth, and look at all of the damage we’ve done. By the same token, we could look at that as how much we’ve achieved given that we, in the grand scheme of things are technically a minority even though we number into the billions. Yet the impact we have made is becoming irreversible. In the space of a lifetime, the ice cap on the North Pole has more than halved in size. In a couple of lifetimes more, the seas will start invading the land as even the barren wasteland of the Antarctic succumbs to rising temperatures.

Pig Island - Bahamas

We’ve all seen the harrowing images of polar bears in the wild, reduced to eating their own kin they have become so emaciated and malnourished. An entire ecosystem is under threat in a way in which there is no comparison in recorded history. The North Pole is not the icy kingdom we knew, and wildlife is regressing onto the tundra of the northern coasts of Canada, Russia, Scandinavia and Greenland out of pure necessity.

Forecasts have shown what the world would look like if the ice on both poles melted into the ocean, and it paints a sobering picture. The entire world map would be completely altered, with swathes of land claimed by the water such as the south-east of America, most of Argentina, the surroundings of the Amazon River, astounding chunks of Russia and Australia, and most of the northern coast of Africa.

We have seen the warning signs in the waterway city of Venice, which will have eroded completely by the end of this century - a modern Atlantis. It has been advised that we all go and see the wonderful city while it is still there. Therefore, we can only help but wonder how long could it be before our beloved Pig Island is no more?

If the forecasts come true about all of the ice melting, it will be gone without question. But if that doesn’t happen, then still, where is the line? When will that day come? The vast majority of the Caribbean and every island in the Gulf of Mexico will succumb. We see their difficulty already as with every passing year the hurricane season becomes increasingly worse. It doesn’t bear thinking about - and yet we must. We need to face this harsh reality that this is the future that humanity is carving out for ourselves - and do what we can to change it.


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