Why are flip flops bad for you?

Why are flip flops bad for you?

Our feet are as unique as our faces

If you’ve been a member of the Herd for a long time, you’ll remember well that we didn’t always intend on selling our innovative Drifters. Our original plan, always under the umbrella of beach footwear, was to sell flip flops. The flip flop design still echoes throughout the Drifters we ultimately ended up creating, but our Drifters are also markedly different. Every reason we made the switch from flip flops to Drifters was outlined in a blog at the time this was made, and one of these reasons - which we’d like to explain more in depth now - is because we discovered flip flops are just not good for you.

This transcends style and appearance. We could harp on at you all day about how amazing Drifters loom and how ugly flip flops are. That’s a different blog for a different day. The fact is that a regular flip flop, in their most common form, provides no arch or heel support for the body whatsoever. Something we all do, which you may or may not have noticed, is that we grip onto the very sole itself with our toes in order to keep the flip flop secured on our foot. It’s an action so normalised nobody thinks twice about it, and yet it does our feet no good when we wear these flip flops for prolonged periods of time.

Fortunately, we live in a society where we tend to wear flip flops during times of leisure, during our extremely brief summers and our two weeks abroad a year. We don’t have to wear flip flops for the majority of our lives like some of those who live in third world countries do and have no option but to endure as over their lives their feet start to better resemble hooves. And yet some people choose to wear them all of the time anyway! You’ve seen them, the maniacs, sauntering about in flip flops in the middle of February. And not only is this, in our personal opinions, extremely impractical, but in various professional opinions, a great disservice to their entire skeletons.

There is no shock absorption so, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve ever worn flip flops for ay amount of time, you feel every little pebble and stone beneath your feet. This is not just extremely annoying, it’s bad for you if you’re wearing these flip flops continuously. They can cause shooting pains up one’s legs, tendon issues in the calves, heel pain and nerve issues in the back. Not only this, but as your foot is obviously more exposed, it makes you more vulnerable to cuts from sharp objects, and from then on more at risk of infection from all of the dirty things on the floor wherever you may be. And if you’re diabetic this could lead to your foot being amputated, which nobody wants.

Playing any kind of sports in flip flops is an injury waiting to happen. And yes, we know you’re hardly likely to start playing ice hockey in your flip flops but haven’t we all engaged in a game of beach volleyball in our time? There are instances it happens and our humble flip flops that are the holidaymakers #1 choice to wear on the beach are not helping. You could extremely easily end up with a fracture if you get all caught up. And while it’s not technically a sport, there’s the physical exertion of driving - which is extremely dangerous to do in flip flops. It’d be safer to drive barefoot rather than deal with all the pedals that have ample room to get caught up in the unprotected gaps between foot and flip flop.

This is what we learned when researching and most importantly talking to medical experts. The facts are clear - flip flops are not good for your health and well-being and most medical experts agree. We could not make the Drifters without ensuring they love you as much as the planet. To be a truly sustainable product - it must be loved by the wearer and love our tiny blue dot. It’s our mission for our Drifters to be the first form of beach-focused footwear to be recommended by medical experts - and we’re glad to bring you all along for the ride.

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