Why the most popular beach footwear needs to take a step back

Aren’t they just so convenient? Lighter than air. It’s like they’re not even there. Slip-on, slip-off. Firstly, they are dreadful for your feet, they strain your lower limbs, change the way you walk, contribute to lower back problems, plus they are a blight upon our beaches, where consumers done with the product, abandon them. Their composition means they’re going nowhere any time soon and will decompose in a few centuries. They are an easy-come, easy-go product that many people don’t think twice about, and are scientifically proven to be bad for us.

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How We Work

The materials we use in the SeaPigs Drifters are designed to support and soothe your body. We have 4 layers of technology in the soles of our Drifters. We are collaborating with Dr Brook Galna, an expert in gait analysis (the way we walk) at Newcastle University and Mike Geritz a sports and NHS Physiotherapist. Our aim is to make Beach footwear that these two specialists will endorse, by wearing, because at present, neither will wear flip flops, will they wear the Drifters?

So, you will not be stomping around on cutouts of a big giant sheet of foam. You should not feel every little grain of grit underfoot like you can with hastily made disposables. We have invested in making our Drifters worth using time and again, so you will always want to wear them.

SeaPigs Drifters - the ultimate Beach footwear - 4-Layer Sole Technology

Why We’re Needed

People seem to be coming around to the idea of flip flops and beach footwear as in investment. The culture and conversation around rubbish is changing. We are a great example of beach footwear that will wear again and again and again, which looks great, and supports your body with great benefits to your mobility. A world where we continue to use single-use items is not going to be a pretty world to live in. Eventually we’re going to run out of places to dump things. And the cheap flip flops are one of the biggest polluters nobody thinks about or pays attention to. We are a part of the movement to eliminate that.

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How We Help

SeaPigs Drifters are not just a one-use item. The Drifters, along with all of our products like our water bottles, are designed for reuse. There is no need, and in this age no excuse, to peddle one-and-done products. This is a hollow sales tactic to make you buy again and again. While SeaPigs products, like anything in the world, won’t last forever, they’ll last a great deal longer than the single-use products we compete with.

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What We’re Good At

We live in a society where people are more aware of what’s good for them than ever before - is there any wonder people don’t want to wear shoes that make them uncomfortable on their two weeks holiday a year that they’re supposed to be enjoying themselves?

And don’t think we’re not about style too - as much as we want to help, we know you want to look good too, so we collaborate with you, our Herd, to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing design that everyone will love. You don’t need god-awful stereotypical pensioner sandals you’d be ashamed to be seen in. That’s not what SeaPigs is about either.

Over to You

We want to know what your take on all of this is.

Are reusable items more a priority for you?

Are you educated on the dangers of a world where single-use products is the norm?

And if you weren’t, do you feel more aware now?

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