Daniels Story - Herd of Communications


I’ve been a part of SeaPigs for eight months now and in that time it’s enriched my life completely. I regularly contribute blogs to our Piggy Bank on a weekly basis, and researching and writing for them has expanded my awareness and thoughts about the environment and the world that we are living in far beyond what it ever was prior. As the development process goes further and further on, I am fascinated to now be looking into a whole new angle to explore - the positive benefits that our SeaPigs Drifters can have on anybody who wears them for a great deal of physiological reasons that you’ll be able to hear all about in a blog coming soon!

 I am also excited to be taking our regular monthly newsletters to new heights with the whole other host of ideas we’re starting to debut, in our aim to give you all of the content that you could shake a stick at! Editing the newsletter gives me the excuse to wiggle my way into every aspect of the SeaPigs brand so that I know how things are coming along in all of our areas, whether it be product development or content creation. SeaPigs has the potential to become truly great and inspire the entire market to take responsibility for themselves, and I am excited to be a part of this brand and help it on its journey.

SeaPigs Herd

MICK ON DANIEL: I’ve known our Herd of Communications Daniel his entire life, as my sister’s nephew and observed his literary talent from his infancy - while at 7 years old I was not yet able to read, Daniel was consuming books fat enough to double as door-stops on a weekly basis. To nobody’s surprise he went on to study English Language and Literature at Northumbria University, and provided counsel during the editing process of my award-winning thesis for my Masters at Newcastle University. I really wanted to utilise and expand Daniel’s skills with SeaPigs, employing creative yet factual writing. I consider him the ‘Voice of SeaPigs’ via the editing of our newsletter and having a final-edit privilege on anything you ever read from us (including this, haha). His ability to transform my passionate prattle into coherent, informative prose with the perfect dash of humour and panache is key to how the entire Herd following sees the brand.