Amanda's Story


I chose to be part of the SeaPigs Herd because I was swept up by Mick’s (Head of the Herd) enthusiasm and genuine desire to do something radically different around how business engages with people and the planet.  The phrase Mick coined ‘do well by doing good’ felt to me like a simple yet powerful idea, one that was absent in the corporate world I had been a part of. In the early stages Mick and I spoke about conscious consumerism and building a business with integrity and purpose, the things that ignite a spark in me.

SeaPigs Herd

 Along with my inbuilt FOMO and nagging sense that I needed to take more action to look after Mother Earth, I joined the team at SeaPigs. Being a bit of a hippy at heart, I love the term ‘Mother Earth’ - the idea that we are connected to the planet and co-dependant creates more of a sense of love, care and responsibility to me.

 Being a mother, I see how much time and energy I invest in my daughter ensuring she grows in to a healthy, happy and balanced person. I thought I could spend some of that energy on a project which seeks to the offer the same to our planet.  At the heart of SeaPigs is a community of like-minded people, and I am thrilled to be among them.


The moral compass of SeaPigs and the only person that can shut your idea down completely while somehow making you feel positive about it. If I'm honest, Amanda is the only person I can comfortably take criticism from, and our practice of co-creation often just boils down to each of us constantly criticizing the other until we reach a middle ground. When you’re so confident in an idea it can be hard to hear ‘no’, and Amanda tempers my knee-jerk instinct to ignore any dissenters and barrel ahead anyway. Just what I need, but we're doing it because it's the right way to do things, not what I want. That's the difference.