SeaPigs 10 Pinky Promises - explained


You’ll surely have heard about our 10 Pinky Promises by now. They have their own dedicated page on our website where you can find out what they are. But we thought we’d like to take the opportunity to fully explore them and what they mean in a depth we never have before.

  1. Love Our Tiny Blue Dot: Of all of our Pinky Promises, this is the one that probably takes the least explaining - it sums up everything that we’re about in the space of only five words. We love our planet and see the damage humanity is doing to it, and we want to see it reversed as much as we can. We implement the least amount of non-renewable resources we possibly can into everything that we make and it’s all in the name of Loving Our Tiny Blue Dot

  2. Guilt-free consumerism: We want everybody whoever purchases a SeaPigs product to do so with a completely clean conscience. Thankfully, we can make this totally possible through the implementation of our ‘If We Make It - We Take It Back’ Guarantee, so your duty to the environment is removed as much from your hands as possible in the knowledge that we are doing everything in our power to relieve this burden.

  3. Carbon neutral: It is our aim to be a completely carbon neutral business by making up for any carbon deficit we cause in the environment by replacing the things that we use directly to completely offset there being any damage. This also relates to our guilt-free consumerism ideas.

  4. The SeaPigs Herd: SeaPigs would be nothing without you, our Herd, so it is not lost on us that we need to do what’s going to make you happy. We want to make products that you truly want, and we like to give you as much insight and input into the creative process as we possibly can, which is why we regularly include you through the operation of polls, voting and comment boards on all of our various social media accounts.

  5. Transparency: We pride ourselves on being open and honest with all of our practices, and are all about building up a great deal of trust between the brand and the consumer. Therefore, transparency is important to us, and we keep you up to date with all of our going-ons via social media, blog posts and our website. We have an “Ask Us Anything” option on the website where you can - you’ll never guess - ask us anything, and we reply to emails and social media queries on a daily basis. We have a lot of information about ourselves out there, and anything we withhold we only do so because we think it’s boring and nobody cares. If you want to know anything, ask away.

  6. Fairness: It’s all about achieving balance. In a subversion of the traditional quote, what we taketh away we also giveth. We know we can’t make something 100% perfectly and totally environmentally efficient, or we’d have to do nothing at all. But we can give back everything we take, so that’s what we do. We’re not insane. Plastic’s going nowhere and we’re not suggesting it ought to be otherwise - it’s all about minimising single-use plastics and controlling the way in which we dispose of them that creates an actually manageable impact. Let’s just all say a prayer for when the oil runs out.

  7. Sharing resources: Our Herd from the very outset has been about creating a community of people that have a passion for the planet and a belief in all of the ideals that we have always promoted. We always want there to be conversations being had between the Herd and ourselves about ways to improve and hear the positives about things we’re doing well. Unity helps us to move forward.

  8. Profit: SeaPigs, like any business, needs to make a profit in order for us to continue on and develop more amazing products for all of our loyal Herd. Therefore, we appreciate any and all support you can give us by purchasing our carefully crafted products!

  9. Philosophy: We are a company that lives and dies by our strong concepts and ideas - our products that are designed to benefit every one of our users to the fullest extent possible, and our ethos of paying back the planet for the resources we use. All of these things come under the umbrella of philosophy - what we believe and what we make.

  10. Responsibility: SeaPigs are all about taking responsibility for the impact we have on our Tiny Blue Dot - hence the SeaPigs Guarantee: If We Make It - We Take It Back. Almost every single product ever made has a shelf life, and yet almost every product ever made is made so without consideration of what happens once this point is reached. SeaPigs aims to be completely different in that regard.

As always, thoinks for reading. We hope you have taken away a deeper understanding about the brand that SeaPigs is.

Over and snout,


Love Our Tiny Blue Dot