The Power of Kickstarter



We hope that by investigating our website and viewing our online presence that you are as excited for SeaPigs to be launching our first product as you are - but in order for this to happen, we need a helping hand from you. In 2019 we will be launching our Kickstarter campaign in order to help us get started, and we’d be so grateful for your contribution. Read on for more on what Kickstarters are and why it’s necessary for SeaPigs.


Here at SeaPigs we have a very specific vision that we are driven to realise. There’s no need to discuss it at length here - just look around this website and you’ll find more than enough information than you could ever want to know about our goals. However, businesses do not just pop up out of thin air, which is why in February 2019 SeaPigs plan to launch our own Kickstarter campaign to get us  started.

We chose Kickstarter over other popular crowdfunding websites as it focuses specifically on creative projects rather than charity causes - and while one could certainly argue that our Tiny Blue Dot is a bit of a charity case in its current state, SeaPigs see ourselves as being in the former category rather than the latter. The essence of schemes like Kickstarter is the extremely old tradition of a brand or artist going directly to their audience to fund their projects in some part - as consumers of the resulting product, they have an opportunity to partake in its initial creation, early adopters if you like.

The Kickstarter logo

The Kickstarter logo

SeaPigs hope we can be the next big Kickstarter success story, and we believe our brand has all of the key features needed to succeed in the admittedly busy retail market. If you’ve never ventured into crowdfunding campaigns, the concept is simple. It all starts with an idea, a concept and a vision - all of which SeaPigs have projected over this lovely webpage for you. Then all of the brand’s supporters make whatever financial contribution they are willing to in order to provide the funds for an initial wave of production. Eventually, the goal is to be as self-sufficient as any other non-crowdfunded company - this is all about getting things off to a strong start. If we fail to meet our goal, you will not be charged - the money is only taken once the brand has enough pledges to actually meet its goal. The best thing about Kickstarter is that it allows businesses to sell themselves before incurring the initial cost of volume production. The environmental benefits of this are also astounding - by using Kickstarter we can successfully gauge the demand for our product, avoiding overproduction and limiting waste.

We need all members of our SeaPigs herd to rally behind us during the early stages of our brand to help push us over the edge and into the mainstream - where our values and practices can be a much more visible example to our peers. If we don’t reach our goal, we get nothing from the Kickstarter campaign, so if you want to see SeaPigs products in stores in years to come we ask for your dedication now. Only with enough funding can we deliver on all of our promises - pinky promises and otherwise - about our responsibility with the environment and about our products themselves. We hope you believe in our brand as much as we believe in our potential, and that you will support us when the time comes next spring.