SeaPigs As a Prosocial Brand

Loving Our Tiny Blue Dot from beginning to end

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These days brands that claim to have the environment in their best interests are a dime a dozen, but here at SeaPigs we are determined to put our money where our mouth is and demonstrate that we really mean it when we say we Love Our Tiny Blue Dot. We know that not everybody will know exactly what a prosocial brand is - but we promise that they’re better for everybody and that as a prosocial brand, we are committed to making it an essential part of our identity.

Prosocial brand

Prosocial brand

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SeaPigs identifies as a prosocial brand - but what does that mean, you ask? Prosocial is the polar opposite of antisocial and we all know what a brand is. From the moment we conceived of our brand we knew that if we wanted to Love Our Tiny Blue Dot, it was only right that we be fair to it with our products. We knew we had to use natural materials and promising our SeaPigs guarantee to reuse our products by having them returned to us after use.

A prosocial brand is a brand that is conscious of the environment, the people of the world, while also seeking to make a profit for the organisation. Unlike other major plastic-polluting brands, we are not “interested in the environment” for the sake of saving face - the last thing we want is our Tiny Blue Dot that inspires and informs our products so much ending up choking on them. We aim to provide guilt-free consumerism with our brand - that is, relaxing our customers of any of the guilt they may feel buying from other products as they are safe in the knowledge that they can return their used product to us and we will care for it rather than taking up space in landfill.

We believe that it is possible for a brand to work for everyone/thing without this being too much of a chore - as to be quite honest, the main excuse as to why people and companies don’t put any effort into recycling is because it is much more convenient dumping everything in general waste and leaving it at that. But SeaPigs knows that we can’t go on this way, and we endorse a circular economy whereby everything we use can be reused over and over again. We are willing to go that extra mile to make our footprint on our Tiny Blue Dot as small as it can possibly be. But we can’t do it alone.

To achieve this circular economy, we need our customers to be as compassionate about Loving Our Tiny Blue Dot as we are, and actually go ahead and return their used products to be reused. To incentivise you all, we offer a £10 discount off your next pair for doing this - so as you can see we are being as prosocial as possible by putting the planet above extreme profitability. We want to relieve the plastic pressure we are putting on the planet - and with all of your help, we know we can.