Why are we NOT Making Flip Flops? Part 2

Big changes ahead for SeaPigs

For more on our big changes, read part 1 of this blog!

Why do we use natural materials?

Millions of mostly non-recyclable plastic flip flops are discarded every day which are toxic to nature, animals and humans. They end up in landfills, our oceans or washed up onto our beaches. - Blue Ocean, 2018

This inspired us to make sustainable by design footwear, or - beach footwear that doesn’t cost the earth. With your help we found a way to ensure we take responsibility for our products after use. IF WE MAKE IT WE TAKE IT BACK.

SeaPigs Drifters   

Why are SeaPigs drifters different? Ergonomically designed.

They offer the foot support from the under sole (add image) and the cushioning above the support allows the sole to adapt to the individual foot. The cork topping is naturally anti-slip, antibacterial and has orthopedic qualities, it looks cool and is a sustainable material. The natural rubber offers strength, durability and a non-slip sole, which again is also sustainable. The EVA (Natural Rubber Foam) acts as the suspension, this is guided by the under sole support, but not restrictive like a Birkenstock sandal. The 4 layer ergonomically tested sole adapts and moulds to the individual foot. Just like the SeaPigs adapted on Pig Island, the sole of the Drifters also moulds and adapts to the wearers’ foot. All without looking clunky.  

The strap has no toe bar and uses two soft, yet strong EVA straps to hold the foot correctly aligned to the sole. The sole can be the best ever, but if the strap does not hold the foot in the correct position, the benefits of the sole would not work. The SeaPigs Drifters straps align the foot perfectly to the sole. They continue to undergo rigorous testing.

The SeaPigs Drifters use NO GLUE, instead we use recycled fishing nets to stitch the product together. As a result of using NO GLUE the product is also vegan as well as sustainable. Plus we get to use up the millions of tonnes of unused fishing nets dropped into our oceans every day.

shutterstock_740863429 copy 2.jpg

All the testing of prototypes has been carried out by the SeaPigs Herd. People who know me will know that I am the perfect person to test the durability of footwear. I’m 6’5 and over 22 stones (ahem), so lets say I have heavy trotters. Amanda looks at how they feel and challenges the prototypes constantly. Our aim is to make them better every time. An accountant said to me the other day “Prototype 15? That means you’ve failed 14 times already?” I laughed and said “the opposite, we’ve solved 14 problems, in fact it's probably a lot more, every failure allows us to make the product better.” So the more prototypes we can test, the better the end product will be. It must also be noted that we will be continually adapting the SeaPigs Drifters and every new addition will be that little bit better.

Testing is being carried out all the way up to and after our KickStarter Campaign. We will be releasing our product at the end of February 2019.

We know that one of the main things you wanted was choice of design, colours and something that was different and unique. So, we have the following options.

SeaPigs Drifters

The Originals– they will be offered in 3 different colour options and be sold on KickStarter for £35 a pair plus delivery.

Limited Editions– 10 Beaches of the world chosen by you and designed by artist Eye-Illustrate. Limited to 500 pairs per beach of the world and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Some of the inspiration for our Limited Editions line - the beach of Santa Monica

Some of the inspiration for our Limited Editions line - the beach of Santa Monica

Sold on Kickstarter at £45 plus delivery

1. Tynemouth – Inspired by Donna Seaburn

2. Cornwall – Inspired by Amanda Mitten

3. Mauritius – Inspired by Nicole Wheatley

4. Waipu NZ – Inspired by Nikki Mckay

5. Santa Monica - Inspired by Peter Mcloughlin

6. Ibiza – Inspired by Caroline Parry

7. Pig Island Big Major Cay – Inspired by SeaPigs

8. Flamingo Beach Aruba - Inspired by Lucie Armstrong

9. Costa Rica – Inspired by Dorcas Mitten

10. Antigua – Inspired by Katie LS

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Written by Mick and Daniel.