Question from the Herd: How much are SeaPigs Drifters?

Our Drifters are a beautiful product and worth paying the extra pennies for. Comfort costs cash, but at least it’s not costing the earth.

SeaPigs drifters don't cost the earth and love your Trotters, but like we are so often reminded, you pay for what you get.

Kickstarter Pricing: Launching 27th February 2019

Special Offer: 50% Off to Kickstarter early adopters

SeaPigs Drifters - £35 Kickstarter price

SeaPigs Drifters: Limited Edition - £50 Kickstarter price

Retail Pricing: Launching September

SeaPigs Drifters - £70 RRP

SeaPigs Drifters: Limited Edition - £100 RRP

Discussion about REALLY costing the earth

If you’ve been following our movements closely in the run-up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll have an idea of just how much work goes into creating our SeaPigs Drifters. We’ve been on a voyage of innovation from flip flops to something completely unprecedented on the market, and all before we’ve even launched. Our aim is to make sustainable flip flops better than the un-sustainable ones. This is what we have achieved and it doesn't come cheap.

Beach footwear that doesn't cost the earth Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

SeaPigs has always had a long list of priorities with everything that we do. We are passionate to a fault about our environment and about our customers, and our whole modus operandi is to find a healthy balance between both.

We don’t want you to have to break the piggy bank for our products, but quality and fit for purpose beach footwear does not come cheap. As you can (or hopefully, already have) read about in one of our blogs, the materials we use benefit the environment substantially more than other cheaper alternatives (Recycling is not the solution). To Love Our Tiny Blue Dot and you, this excessive attention to detail is necessary, we hope you’ll agree.

SeaPigs Drifters: Limited Editions

SeaPigs Drifters: Limited Editions

We’re not piggybacking off anybody else’s success, either - you won’t catch us ripping off another brand and stamping our logo on it. Everything thing you see from SeaPigs has come from a blank page and a spark of inspiration, creativity and passion.

The design of our Drifters has been well-received right from out of the gate, and once again this is an element unmatched by any of our competitors. The lovingly crafted artwork emblazoning the soles of our SeaPigs Drifters epitomises our brand and aesthetic, and our various varieties of sole designs have all gone down a storm with the Herd. By providing this something extra we hope to show you that we do the most we can and go the extra mile for style and function - our SeaPigs Drifters are a beautiful product and worth paying the extra pennies for.

From the off, our vision has been of an anatomically designed product that loves your Trotters and our planet. Too often beach footwear is cheap tat ( (you can buy P@@@@rk flip flops for 99p, this was very Kindly pointed out to us on our Facebook page), whereby the brand (nor the consumer) care about who, where, when or how the old product is disposed of, let alone if it is good for your trotters, this is the problem :

Brands do not take responsibility for their products afters use.

SeaPigs Promise: If We Make It - We Take It Back and we hope to raise the bar and set a new standard for what can be done. Comfort costs cash, but at least it’s not costing the earth

SeaPigs Promise #Tabeitback

SeaPigs Promise #Tabeitback