CHRISTMAS PACKAGING - Mistletoe and crime(s against nature)

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Mistletoe and crime(s against nature)

30 second version

Over the holiday season the amount of unnecessary plastic getting strewn about is at a year-long high. It’s very easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget that where your plastic goes next is important, as it’s going to be around for a lot longer than you are. This Christmas, SeaPigs invites you to take a small extra bit of time in focusing on disposing of all of your waste from non-renewable sources in the best way in your power to.

5 minute version

Once again another year is closing out and ‘tis the season to be jolly once more (and we mean now that it’s actually December - unlike the majority of corporations, we do not believe that Christmas starts in September). The smell of mulled wine is omnipresent. Middle aged women are burning candles scented with gingerbread at every opportunity. You can’t go anywhere without being followed by the songs of Mariah Carey or Wham! People are buying presents left, right and centre, and they’re wrapping them all up in pointless paper. And on the big day we tear it off without a second thought, and rejoice in our gifts.

Regardless of whether you care for the environment or not, you’ve probably noticed that nowadays there’s just far too much excess packaging on things. Just ask a grandparent to get a fancy new toy out of its box and they’ll soon tell it to you straight. There’s sellotape and wiring and plastic casts and boxes inside of boxes inside of boxes and all manner of surplus nothingness between you and the relevant item. Obviously, packaging is needed, for health and safety and transportation reasons - nobody is denying that. But companies - specifically those that manufacture toys - need to have a rethink about how much they’re ramming into these boxes that frankly does not need to be there.

At SeaPigs we often talk at length about the extreme excess of plastic waste floating about in our seas and clogging up our landfills, and the Christmas season is one of the worst criminals for making the shocking statistics that you’re always hearing multiply and multiply. We are going to be looking for every opportunity to minimize the amount of excess plastic we are using over the Christmas season, and make sure that all of the inevitable, unavoidable plastic is disposed of in the best way it possibly can be. We invite you to do the same, for the sake of our Tiny Blue Dot that we love so much.

We’ve all experienced that one annoying great aunt that makes you unwrap your presents with particular care, as she intends to iron the paper and reuse it again next year to save £2.60 on a new roll. We get it. It’s a nightmare. And I doubt Aunt Gladys is being this way because she’s an eco-warrior. Yet it makes a small difference. Every small thing helps.

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