Is ‘co-creation’ just another word for community?

Is it not just balancing the needs of everyone involved?

30 second version

When we say co-creation or co-created flip flops at SeaPigs we mean that we listen to YOU and your needs, while also considering the needs of the planet. On top of that we also use various experts to guide the product; foot specialists, physiotherapists, product engineers, environmental specialists, sustainability experts, designers, engineers and we listen to their advice. We take all this information and make the best product we can using a myriad of advice - YOU SPEAK WE LISTEN.

Brand cocreation

Brand cocreation

5 minute version

According to Wikipedia: “Co-creation is a management initiative, or form of economic strategy, that brings different parties together (for instance, a company and a group of customers), in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.”

According to the Macmillan Dictionary: “Co-creation… is a way of working together where people from different backgrounds are invited to jointly produce a product or service that will benefit all of them.”

These are two succinct but broad definitions of co-creation that we think sum up the concept. We use the term at SeaPigs, but when we use it we mean far more than all of this - we imbue it with a clear purpose: Love Our Tiny Blue Dot. We want to create a movement to take steps to achieving our goal: to create a fairer way to do business.

Why co-creation? I spent a couple of years working out what I really wanted in life after reading Simon Sinek (2009). The book described the importance of starting with ‘why’ - as a way to enable the team to visualise the outcome, a goal that we have all considered, created, imagined, visualised and most importantly a way forward that everyone agreed with.

To be able to achieve all of this, we need to balance the needs of the 3 largest complex systems in our lives:

  1. People (YOU & US)

  2. Organisations (SeaPigs)

  3. Planet (Love Our Tiny Blue Dot)

We believe that together we can create anything, as a species we have achieved some amazing feats, so why can't we make a product that leaves only positive footprints? We believe we can by balancing the needs of everyone, to create a product that is a WIN/WIN/WIN.

How  SeaPigs  are leaving positive footprints

How SeaPigs are leaving positive footprints

We know that not everyone will believe in what we are doing, we are not expecting to change the world, we just want to prove that there is a ‘fairer way to do business’ that balances the needs of everything that lives on our Tiny Blue Dot and find the people who care. Our aim is to prove that via co-creation we can do anything we can visualise. We believe that there is at least 1% of the population of the world willing to be part of the SeaPigs philosophy, potential early adopters who are willing to Love Our Tiny Blue Dot with us. Are you the 1 in 100 people willing to make a difference? Are you part of the Good 1%?

But is there a market? Is there a Good 1%?

Do consumers care and are they willing to make a difference? When all of this began, we needed to identify whether a market exists, offering a notion of change for producers and consumers alike. Initial secondary research offered optimism that there is a global market of consumers willing to change the way in which they consume products, looking for a way to make a difference, however, style and convenience could not be compromised.  

From the outset the first thing we agreed on were our ‘PINKY PROMISES’ - these are 10 promises or commitments that we will all follow within SeaPigs. Everyone who works with the brand must agree to our Pinky Promises and we hope you will too.

To us at SeaPigs, co-creation is part of the fabric of the brand and it is running through the core of the brands philosophy. Co-creation means community spirit and collaboration between a group of people, with a common purpose.

So yes, co-creation is just another word for community.