Lessons from Pig Island


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“Hey there!

I’m Pigina, one of the SeaPiglets.

I’m a good friend of Pigston and Swineston.

I love to hang out with them on our adventures.”

Lessons from Pig Island

Story One - Plastic Pollution

Do not eat plastic.

SeaPiglets - Story - Page 1 - Plastic Bottles

One sunny afternoon, the SeaPiglets were helping Professor Shell clean up the beach.

They found something they’d never seen before.

Pigina - Page 1 - SeaPiglets

“What’s this?” asked Pigina, worried about what it could be.

Plastic bottles found on Beach

It was hard and see-through.

“I don’t know” replied Pigston. “Let’s ask Professor Shell.”

“That’s something called plastic”, Professor Shell said.

Every minute 2 million plastic bottles end up being thrown into the bin.

“My ocean home is full of it!”

Professor Shell - Page 1 - SeaPiglets

“What’s plastic?” Pigston asked.

SeaigLets - what is plastic?

“To be honest, I don’t really know for sure.

Professor Shell

I just know it’s very bad - and you MUSTN’T eat it!” she warned them.

Plastic is very hard to break.

SeaPiglets - Page 2 - Indestructible Plastic Bottles

If it was so dangerous, then the SeaPiglets decided they must get rid of it.

They tried everything they could think of.

They trampled the plastic - Swineston

They trampled it.

They threw rocks at it.

They threw rocks at it.

They even tried to break it off the back of poor Professor Shell.

They even tried to break it off the back of poor Professor Shell.

And yet they couldn’t break it.

Plastic Bottle

The plastic looked the same as it always had.

How do you get rid of plastic?

“What can we do to get rid of the plastic?” Pigina wondered.

Pigina ask how do we get rid of plastic

“I think we need to go and ask Wisetree,” Pigston resolved.

Page 3 Sleeping Wistree - the wise old tree

So up they went, up the Big Hill.

Seaiglets climb to WiseTree

They climbed and they climbed and they climbed, right to the top

SeaigLets climb Pig Island

And there he was - Wisetree, dozing peacefully, leaves swaying in the breeze.

Wistree sleeping - seapiglets

“Look, Wisetree is sleeping” Swineston said.

“Let’s play a prank!”

Swineston loves to prank…

Swineston loves to prank…

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