The SeaPigs brand will be launching our first product; co-created flip flops on Kickstarter early in 2019.

Introducing SeaPigs, the newest unisex beach footwear brand that doesn’t cost the earth.

Everything is inspired by you, created by us. We answer to you just as much as we answer to Mother Nature.

We’re not the first to tell you that our Tiny Blue Dot is under threat - from us, no less. We are unwittingly leaving a toxic legacy of global pollution and plastic waste. It is one of the biggest threats facing our oceans in the world today.

We want to combat this with a clear and simple commitment. We will only ever use natural materials to make our products. No plastic footprint. Beyond this, we will reward our customers for returning our products to us, to allow them to be recycled or reused into new SEAPIGS products.

Sea Pigs has a promise to Mother Nature to do everything we can to make our products a step apart from the rest and take care of our oceans before things go beyond the point of no return.


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