Expanded Rubber

Pig Island in the Bahama’s

Pig Island in the Bahama’s

Expanded rubber or foam rubber is the more informal name for EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). EVA is a lightweight and low cost material while also  being highly versatile. The shoe industry takes up to 60% of all the EVA foam produced globally. EVA insoles are mainly manufactured by injection moulding. EVA is considered to be a safe alternative to PVC, as it is BPA free.

Very simply it is natural rubber with air added to make it into a foam and it can be recycled and processed as renewable EVA foam. Recycling of EVA foam is not only environmentally friendly, but also help enterprises to control and reduce production costs.

EVA foam materials are of closed cell foam structure that have lots of excellent qualities, water & moisture resistance, excellent cushioning & shock absorption and long term durability.

Below are the benefits EVA has within the footwear industry:


Naturally elastic and flexible, offering great shock absorption and comfort.


EVA is very resilient and is widely used to enhance the cushioning and durability of footwear products.


Resistance to water, moisture, oil and sound, and is lightweight, portable and durable.  

Natural Rubber tapping

EVA foam can be easily reused, however, most EVA ends up in landfill. At SeaPigs were are trying to change that and are currently investigating three new innovative and sustainable EVA options.

  1. Algae Bloom EVA

    This EVA is made using Green Algae harvested from the rivers and seas. Green Algae blocks out sunlight and kills waterways.

  2. Sugar Cane EVA

    This amazing new innovation is an EVA made from sugarcane and nicknamed “SweetFOAM”.

  3. PlusFOAM

    They offer a full service from making the EVA Foam and then collecting it back to make it into, EVA Foam. A Truly circular economy business model.


We PINKY PROMISE to tell you more, as soon as we know more. .