Feel Good Our products are lovingly engineered to improve your health & well-being, keeping you feeling energised.


We do not profess to being experts in everything, but if we don’t know it, we find experts who do.


Shenton Creative

Shenton creative offer BIG agency experience with a creative hands-on approach to developing content and a spark of genius in branding. Thoinks Dave.


Newcastle University (NU)

NU is a world-leading university that is advancing knowledge, providing creative solutions, and helping society tackle the many challenges it faces. It also offers amazing START-UP advice and guidance.

SeaPigs have been working with the Newcastle University Start-up team for nearly two years and their guidance and support has been amazing. A big thoinks to the team, with a special Oink oink to Jackie and Steve. .

Evolution Tech Services (ETS)

ETS based in Billingham have 20 years experience in 3D engineering design, product development, 3D printing and product prototyping. Exactly what we needed at SeaPigs, Thoink you Steve.


The amazing artist Emma Garrod or Eye illustrate is creating original designs for our limited edition SeaPigs Drifters. You have chosen 10 beaches from around the world, from images the herd have posted onto our Facebook page. We will be asking the herd to choose their favourite designs, we will let you know more, when we do, we pinky promise.