Our 10 Pinky Promises

Look Good - Feel Good - Be Good

The SeaPigs 10 Pinky Promises are our pledge to you and our planet, that were chosen by ‘the herd’. You wanted the culture of SeaPigs to be fair, kind and transparent - thats exactly what we have done.

Oink oink, Our 10 pinky Promises to The Herd, its the way we work. Check them out on our websitehttps://www.seapigs.co.uk/10-pinky-promises/ SeaPigs Pinky Promises Love Our Tiny Blue Dot
Love our tiny blue dot LOTBD

Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Limit the use of non-renewable resources in everything we make, focusing on the 3 R’s of sustainability: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Guilt free consumerism

Guilt-free consumerism

You can buy our products without feeling guilty about any damaging effects it may have on the environment - because there aren’t any.

Carbon Neutral SEAPIGS

Carbon neutral

We will offset our carbon footprint.


The SeaPigs Herd

Customer research, awareness and engagement- connecting with the SeaPigs herd meaningfully.



We aim to be as clear with our customers as the water of the oceans we love so much.



Another simple one. We always want to be fair and balanced.

Sharing Resources

Sharing resources

We want to create a community with everyone on this voyage.



Unless we make a profit, we can’t help. It’s that simple.



SeaPigs encourages fun, innovation and autonomy within the passionate SeaPigs Herd.

BRAND Responsibility


Taking care of our products once their usefulness is exceeded, to ensure we Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Upon request, customers can be sent our White Paper

This is essentially a manifesto of all of our values and information on the direction of the company as we aspire to progress and expand. From the offset we have identified as a Prosocial Brand - a concept which basically means that we promote positive behaviour towards humanity, society, the world, customers and shareholders while also making a profit too.