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SeaPigs Drifters - not flip flops

SeaPigs Drifters - Cork

Beach footwear that doesn’t cost the earth

Launching on Kickstarter 27th February 2019

SeaPigs Drifters: Limited Editions

Yoga Sunset - Ibiza


SeaPigs Drifters: The Originals - RRP £70 - launching on Kickstarter at £35 plus shipping

SeaPigs Drifters: Limited Editions - RRP £100 - launching on Kickstarter at £50 plus shipping

Sploshing About - Tynemouth


Who are SeaPigs


Serious About Feet

Beach footwear that is styled with you, created with experts and engineered to fit.

We’ve consulted with physiotherapists and podiatrists to create a product designed to meet your trotter’s needs.


SeaPigs Drifters - designed to love your feet and our planet.


We’re flipping the footwear market

Love Our Tiny Blue Dot

Our beach footwear is sustainable by design - we do not use plastic in our manufacturing, just natural materials.

If We Make It - We Take It Back.

Our relationship with our customers and products does not end upon a sale: Our products are designed to be recycled, rather than being sent to landfill or clogging up our oceans.


Make Yourself Herd