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“A company with a conscience”

Lisa Williams

Every minute 2 million plastic bottles end up polluting our planet and remember, every one of these will be on this planet 10 times longer than us.
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Finding a fairer way to do business

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SeaPigs - Look Good - Feel Good - Be Good -ul;timate Beach footwear that doesn't cost the earth & lifestyle products

SeaPigs - ultimate beach & lifestyle products - styled with you, by you.

Look Good

Looking good is essential to you, that's why our products are styled with you, for you.

Feel Good

Our products are lovingly engineered to improve your health & well-being, keeping you feeling energised.

Be Good 

We are ethical and eco-friendly, with no compromise.

We all expect more engaging experiences with brands, plus, we expect them to listen to us, and engage with us.

At SeaPigs you are part of the innovative design process, allowing you to style & shape the brand’s products.

Most brands are only driven by profit & growth, and they are selling products that they can make cheaply and then they try to convince us to buy them, without any consideration for our wellbeing, or our planets. 

Most sustainable products are inferior and not fit for purpose.

We all feel guilty and frustrated as we have no choice - there are very few sustainable and ethical alternatives.

Why are brands allowed to make huge profits - while they are killing Mother Earth?

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Like you, we are frustrated at the extent of plastic pollution and global warming, proving that business is no longer fair, transparent or honest. 

SeaPigs passion is to create ultimate products, while sustainability is running through the fabric of the brand. How? Through co-creation, research, working with a myriad of experts, compassion, empathy and a passion to prove there is a fairer way to do business.

Big Blue water bottle - buy bottle - We took all your ideas and created our SeaPigs bottle with you - you have shaped not just the style & functionality, but also guided our choice to reduce the negative impact we are having on our planet. Every bottle we sell, we plant a tree, turning SeaPigs into a carbon neutral brand and helping the earth to breathe.
SeaPigs Look Good Feel Good Be Good
Passionately Purple - Helluva Yella water bottle - When you said you wanted to expand the storage time of hot & cold fluids, we listened and provided you with SeaPigs bottle’s innovative double-wall vacuum technology, to keep liquids hot (12 hours) & cold (24 hours), consistently.

Pinky Promises

The first thing The Herd chose was our guiding principles, or as we like to call them; our Pinky Promises

Join 'the herd' and together we will find a fairer way to do business.

  • Products you have styled and shaped

  • Products you love

  • Products that love you

  • Products that love our planet

  • Guilt-free consumerism 


We all feel frustrated by being part of the problem, while being helpless to do anything about it and we certainly do not feel listened to or heard. 
At SeaPigs you will become part of the solution, be listened to and allowed to shape & style our products

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SeaPigs are all about keeping you, the customer involved in the design process, in order to create something you’re truly invested in and works for you. You should have just as much of a say in functionality, style and design as we do.

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